Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The boy

Another bullet list...
  • Adam weighs exactly 15 pounds
  • He likes to hold his own bottle now
  • He's VERY ticklish
  • He either sleeps through the night or wakes up once around 3:30 or 4am
  • He's still sleeping in the cradle next to me - but we're gonna transition him to his crib in the next week or so
  • He loves his exersaucer, his activity mat, veggie tales, and all our pets
  • He's a major chatterbox and has ALOT to say
  • He's waaay more serious around other people than I anticipated my kid would be
  • He loves books and loves being read to
  • He loves baths and water in general and toooootally digs showering with one of us (great way to calm him down if he's fussy)
  • He can out-burp and out-fart us both...very impressive
  • He's fascinated with whistling
  • He has a massive noggin...90th percentile...I think I literally gave birth to Charlie Brown
  • He HATES the vacuum - screams his bloody head off
  • He grabs at everything - I now understand why mom's chop off all their hair
  • He usually stops smiling when he sees the camera, so I have to take the opportunity when other people are here
  • He's very suspicious of other people...he stares and studies for a while before breaking out in a smile

He's an awesome little man - and I can hardly remember life without him :)

(3 weeks old)
(3 months old)
(almost five months old...and sorry - I can't figure out why this picture won't turn the right way)


*aron* said...

he is growing up sooo fast :) so cute!!! LOVE all the pics!

Anonymous said...

he is so cute i want to squeeze him!!!!!
he has more hair then L, he is so flippin cute!!! haha
A3 xoxo

Kelly said...

Adorable! Seriously cute. He's such a little man now... love all the pictures!

Love the double post in a week! Thanks!