Tuesday, January 26, 2010

8 Years

Today is our EIGHTH Anniversary!!!
Seriously, it's hard to believe it's been that long already. I think we're both in disbelief at how fast the time has gone by. It sort of makes the idea of 50 years seem like it's just not enough time.
To celebrate, we left Adam with my parents for the night and headed to the Inn at Avila Beach. A close, but nice little getaway. We were pleasantly surprised at how cute that hotel is - it's old and been there forever, so our expectations weren't that high. It ended up being really awesome! Our room was adorable and had a fireplace, and a 2 person spa tub (for the record, I called at the last minute and because it's off-season, they gave us the room for $99!)...also it even had another bed/reading area. Problem was, we discovered the bedspread was wet - as was the canopy above the bed...only to discover that during all the massive rain, the roof was leaking!
We went back to the lobby and informed the woman in charge and she was mortified and apologized profusely and immediately got us set up in another room, also with a spa and fireplace. So all was well. Our 2nd room didn't have quite the same charm as the first, but it was definately bigger and had a nicer/newer bathroom.
We went next door and got some coffee and headed across the street to watch the sunset. Because of the storm, the waves were HUGE - which is abnormal for Avila because it's such a little bay - but it was amazing to watch. I love just sitting and watching the waves and watching people...I'm all about relaxing and observing.

That night, we went to McPhee's Grill for dinner....which was - O.M.G. delicious. I had Macadamia crusted mahi-mahi and ate every single tiny bit. I would have licked the plate had I not been in such a fancy restaurant. I had some wine with dinner, so I was flushed and full of good food by the time we left. We decided to walk down the local bar, but it was SOOO not our scene - so instead we went to another restaurant and sat at the bar there and indulged in a couple of long island iced teas and a kamikaze shot. Let's just say that it took a while for all those drinks to hit us, but when they did - we stumbled out of there and back to our hotel and I think since I don't often drink, and I was full of food....payback was a real bitch and I'm glad that hotel had a clean toilet because I let that sucker have it. Not Fun. Reason #489203 why I shouldn't drink wine, 2 long islands and a shot of I don't-even-remember!
Anyway, we SLEPT IN the next morning - which was heavenly. I haven't done that in a long time...too long. And then we headed up to the sundeck which we were sorry to not have discovered earlier the day before because it was AWESOME! There were several cabanas complete with daybeds, couches, hammocks, tables, cushy chairs - even bbq's, ice chests and sinks - it was so cool! We both almost fell out of one of the double hammock's, but we sat up there for quite a while, just enjoying the sun and sound of the waves crashing. Le SIGH - I wanna go back to that sundeck and just hang out all day.
After we checked out (which wasn't until noon) we went back to McPhee's for a champagne brunch. A little hair of the dog actually did make me feel better - add some eggs benedict and jumbo shrimp cocktail to that and I was a happy girl. I probably gained 10 pounds last weekend, but it was worth it!
Then we walked out on the pier of Port San Luis - admired the huge pelican's and barking seals...aren't these guys just cool lookin?We visited a fresh fish market and just cruised around and enjoyed our afternoon. We may live here, but doing things like this really helps us appreciate the area more.
After that, we decided we were missing our boy and headed to my parents to pick him up. He pretty much just glanced at us like "oh, it's YOU" and took forever to actually give me a hug and kiss - but oh, how I missed that little guy! I missed his impish little mischievous grin, and his big smiles, and his chatter, and his warm little boy body to snuggle with. We went outside and ran around with all the dogs for a while...
what is that? up in the sky?
De Plane, De Plane! (check it out - my kid knows how to sign I love you! hehehe)
It's so good for us to get away and reconnect...if only for the reason that it keeps US stronger for HIS sake. And I think it's really good for me to have a chance to miss him.
All said and done, we had a really great weekend together - Happy Anniversary Hubs, you are a great husband and father and I'm so lucky to have you in my life...can't imagine it without you!



Natalie D said...

happy anniversary - that place looks awesome!

aron said...


Anonymous said...
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April said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Great post, great place, great pictures. I am with you on the relaxing and people watching. I LOVE to do that. And I am behind but DITTO to everything you said about the rain :-)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two love birds!! :o) xoxo Ash

Joanna H. said...

Happy anniversary!!!! We'll have to try that place out.
I LOVE Long Island Ice Teas...they were always my go to drink in college. But I'm thinking that these days I'd be getting that warm flush after drinkign half (you bet I'd toss my cookies with a few plus a shot) Glas you had fun!

samantha said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the getaway!