Friday, January 29, 2010


Remember how I drank too much during our little getaway? And I ended up paying for it later that evening? Well it left me with a little "souvenir" if you will. I burst a freaking blood vessel in my EYE. Obviously, I am not one to puke very often. In fact, I firmly believe that if I'd had really bad morning sickness when I was pregnant...Adam would definately be an only child. Or we would have to adopt...because honestly? I HATE to throw up. HATE, HATE, HATE it.
Hubs noticed my eye the next morning, as did my parents when we went to pick up Adam. I knew not to freak out, but I googled it and discovered it's called a Subconjunctival Hemmorhage and that it would go away after a couple of weeks. I also discovered it usually looks worse before it looks better. I did a little more searching and found some people who said warm teabags helped it clear up that's what I've been doing BECAUSE I have this blogger dinner thing to attend tomorrow night. A bunch of us girls who all read each other's blogs have been meaning to do this for a while now and it finally worked out that we can ALL meet! I've had brief amounts of time with Joanna and Kelly - but I'm excited to finally meet April and Kaleena...and of course my good friend Alison will be there - so it should be a really good time. Except I'm horrified at my whole eye thing. The teabags haven't done much - and it looks freaky.
There has been some talk in my house about an eyepatch...maybe a bedazzled one with a large K or something - ha! Except that would lead to an evening full of pirate jokes and that's never a good thing. So here it goes girls...I decided to blog about it to give you all fair warning about my scary eye! I'm also just back from the park and I'm all sweaty and haven't brushed my hair or put on makeup - so I realize that with my scary eye...I am one SEXY gal.

trust me when I tell you, it looks much worse in person - consider this a warning.


April said...

GOOD TIMES! With everything that's been going on lately I have a feeling we are gonna be at dinner for a while. Wait until you hear about Joanna's day! I don't think it looks that bad. REALLY! I am so excited to meet you!!!

Joanna said...

hmm..since I like to be all matchy-matchy (and since my night was a little drama filled) maybe I'll partake in a beverage or two and get my very own pirate eye.
Of course, I'm sure I can make a nice little bedazzled patch.
Maybe you can be the prez of the IEPFC (International Eye Patch Fan Club)

t said...

WTF?! is up with your eyeball, girl