Thursday, January 21, 2010

King of analogies...

So Adam has been testing us lately with the whole bedtime thing, and once again we're having to battle it out with the crying and the puking. Last night, I won the battle - but tonight...after a long day of fighting him about taking a nap (which he didn't) and having him at the office with me for a few hours, which let's face it - is a battle of itself - I got trapped in the land of frustration when he started to fight us at bedtime and pretty much threw up my hands and left it up to hubs to get him to sleep. Which he did. Yay hubs!
And just now, I overheard him on the phone with his dad, chatting about the whole situation and he said "well...he's testing us right now, you know - he's kinda like an immigrant trying to cross the border....he's probing the fence looking for weaknesses"

wah, wah, waaaaah


Joanna H. said...

Too funny! I totally just LOL and Jason came in and asked what was so I read it to him as well. Your hubs is one funny dude. The self-induced puking, though, is not so funny.

Anonymous said...
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