Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I started off so well with this journal - and now, I'm just slacking off..no wonder my mind feels so jumbled with things.
It's still raining here - and I've had my ears constantly listening to the news regarding road closures and the mudslides that happened south of us. Scary stuff, alot of people missing - things like that make me worry.
Yesterday, when I got home...the hubster had the day off, and was reading a book. Sounded like a good idea to me, so after dinner at about 6pm, I grabbed a book myself and sat down on the couch with him and we read and read and read. It was so very cozy sitting in our living room, bundled up with blankets on the couch, and listening to the rain beat down outside while we relaxed with our books. We read until 8pm...when Extreme Home makeover came on...and then we would read during commercials. He finished his book, and I finished mine about 10 minutes later. We've never done that before, and we vowed we'll have to do that more often...it was so relaxing!

Hubster is trying to get me to join a local all women tackle football league. There is a woman he works with who is on the team and said I should join and he could be an asst. coach. - I'm considering it, but I definately need to be in better shape for that. I wouldn't make it through a practice at the point I'm at now. I think it starts in March...time to get my butt in gear! I'm not sure if I want to do it yet, but it sounds kind of like fun :) that's all for now..

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Robert Goodman said...

Here I am leaving a comment, getting close to 2 years since the original remarks, but I hit this in an unrelated search, and wonder whether you ever wound up playing football. I go to women's football games, so maybe I've even see you play.