Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary

To ME AND THE HUBSTER! We made it three whole years, and we are completely happy and in love. We laugh together and talk together and it truly is a PARTNERSHIP. He's my best friend in the whole world and I'm so glad he married me :)

Now that I've gotten all the mushy stuff out...I just have to say that so far...this day has SUCKED! And it's only 10:30am...

I have to start by explaining that last night, I was getting Isabele's bath water ready...and noticed that it wasn't getting hot. I ran it for like 10 minutes, and it just wasn't getting hot. CRAP! So hubster and I went to the hot water heater which is in the laundry room, and discovered that the pilot lite was blown out. So we moved a bunch of stuff out of the way, grabbed a match, and mark layed down on his belly so he could light the pilot. We followed all the instructions...holding down the little button and everything....and then, it wouldn't stay lit. We did this several times, and I finally called our landlords. Landlady answered the phone, and hen I told her what was going on, she said "well CRAP! LandLORD (meaning her hubby and fixer of all things rental) is out of town!"
So she gives me his cell phone # and tells me to call him up and tell him what's going on and hopefully he can fix it over the phone.
So, I hopped on the phone and Landlord answered with a mouth full of food, so I feel like a schmoe because I interrupted his meal. I explained what was going on...and he gave me some tips on what to do.
About an hour later, I've talked to him 3 seperate times, and still no luck. Now remember, we have a two year old over who is walking around the house going "I wanna take a bubble bath!"over and over again, 50 million times...Also, when I finally gave up - I put the bbq lighter thingy on the floor and when I put my hand down to push myself up (remember, we had to lie flat on the laundry room floor to see what we were doing) my wrist accidentely touched the metal end of the lighter thing which was friggin HOT, and I burned the heck out of my wrist. It immediately bubbled up and skin peeled off.....I'm on the phone with my landlord, holding my burning and peeling wrist under water, while trying to keep a 2 year old occupied...things were a bit hectic.
So finally, Landlord says he'll have to call someone in the morning...but he needs to make sure that I can be there whenever his fixer guy can show up. So I say I'll figure something out and hope that I can leave the following day when I need to.
My friend came to collect her youngun, and I had to explain that she didn't get a bath because of the hot water situation, which reminds me that there will be NO shower for hubster or I until it's fixed...which sucks. On the other hand, I can't do dishes or laundry either...and that's just a damn shame isn't it?

So finally, friend and child leave...her screaming the entire time because she didn't want to leave. Yeah, because we are so fun and engaging that we spent most of the time we had her trying to fix that darn water heater. Kids crack me up sometimes.
After moving the car seat and loading up all their stuff...they leave...hubster and I watch TV for a while and then settle in for the night.

Flash forward to this morning. I MEANT to get up early and sneak an anniversary card into hubster's car...but nooooooo, my lazy butt didn't get out of bed until 7:45. I think my brain KNEW that I wouldn't be able to take a shower this morning, so it figured "what the heck" and decided to sleep in. It's raining like crazy, and of course it's a hot shower would be nice. Isn't it funny how when you CAN'T do something, that's when you want to do it the most?
So, I throw on some warm clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth, throw hair up into a ponytail...figuring I'd fix the hair and put on makeup when I get to work. Hubster leaves for work...and I start to leave for work...only...hmmmm....where are my keys?
I search, and search, and's now 8:15...and I'm calling my boss to say "hey, I'm not at work because I can't find my keys". He says "I'm not at work either, so we're CLOSED!"
so I go back and look EVERYWHERE. I call my friend and ask her to search her car...I call hubster and ask him if he remembers seeing them.
No luck...
I move all the furniture in the living room...I even move the fish tank...I search all the trash cans...the spare room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the den...the laundry room....the car (which I left unlocked)....NOTHING.
It's now keys.
My friend calls and says she remembers I had them in my hand when I was helping get her kid into the car. She also remembers that while she was putting the car seat in, I was holding a two year old, a diaper bag, a box of wipes, as well as my keys. She suggests that maybe I put them on the back of her car so I could get a better grip on the kid.... I go outside and walk up and down the luck. Now I really start to freak out because what if I DID do that? and what if someone grabbed them? and what if they look at the car key and realize that it says ISUZU on it, and what if they know where I live? and what if they're just waiting for me to leave so they can rob me blind????
Panic sets older neighbors on one side poke their head out their front door and ask why I'm pacing in the middle of the street in the rain...
I tell them what happened and ask them to keep an eye on the place and let me know if any strange people start to cart stuff out of my house...or steal my cats...
Neurotic much? me? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
So Hubster calls back to see if I found them...he says he'll ask his boss if he can run home to give me the spare car key from his key ring. LUCKILY, his boss is merciful, and hubster heads home. Meanwhile, I'm still searching every nook and cranny with a flashlight...on my hands and knees searching under the bed...moving furniture still.
NO luck. Hubster shows up, and I kiss him gratefully...grab a spare house key...tell him "I'm sorry I'm such a blonde...tell your boss I'm sorry I'm such a blonde"
and finally head off to work...driving super slow down the street so I can still search for my keys, just in case. No keys...

My wrist hurts like hell...I'm all bandaged up like I slit my wrists or something, I've had NO I feel all stinky and nas-tay...not to mention walking out in the rain this morning...I was over an hour late to work this morning...and now have NO work keys which means my boss (who has to have his poor horse put to sleep, so he's not in the best of moods today) has to make me copies. My landlord called and said he's trying to get his fixer guy out this afternoon, and he's supposed to call me - but he's REALLY busy, and he's not sure if he'll make it today.


Amanda said...

Heh! Shitty morning... did you find your keys?

Amanda said...

PS - Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!