Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Apples of my eye...

Tonight, while I was cleaning up after dinner, the phone rang...and when I answered it - I heard this tiny little voice say:

"Auntie? When can we come spend the night?"

and my heart melted into a puddle at my feet...
Before I could answer my sweet six year old neice, I heard her say:

"how about Friday? Mom says it's okay!"

And I said "of course - Friday sounds good!"

and then I heard a scuffle, and another little voice...a 4 year old voice...came onto the phone and said:

"Hi Auntie...are we going to your house on Friday?"

and I said "yes, if it's okay with your mom"

and she said "it's okay, we already asked her if we could spend the night"

and then she said "how long away is Friday? Is it far?"

and I said "no sweetie, it's the day after tomorrow!"

and she goes "okay, see you you!"

Thump...down went the phone

My sister-in-law picked it up and we worked out the details...she said they'd been bugging her all day about coming to our house.

I hung up with tears in my eyes because it's been a while since we've had the girls over, and I'm looking forward to it.

How lucky am I to have neices that will pick up the phone at 6 and 4 years old and ask if they can spend the night???
Eventually, Gracie (who's 9 months old) will join them and we'll have a houseful of sweet little play with and give back of course.

I think about how much I love those girls, and our neices on hubster's side as well.....and my sister's kids...and I wonder how my heart is going to handle having kids of my own. Is it just going to explode in a million peices everywhere?

I think it just might...

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Amanda said...

You are so cute =)