Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Hubster and I lounged around the house on a Sunday morning - and decided to drive to Morro Bay and have lunch. It was a GORGEOUS day, not too cold - not too hot...very crisp and clear. We drove down the Embarcadero and decided to eat at the Hoffbrau and sit out on the patio.
I had clam chowder - which wasn't that great because I'm spoiled by Splash Cafe in Pismo.
I got some great pictures of Morro Rock though - and the harbor as well:

That last picture cracks me up because it reminded me of when I was younger and some friends (I think Elizabeth and Mylissa?) and I used to joke about flashing Gang Signs for Morro Bay by holding up 3 know....for the 3 stacks, yo.

So Hubster and I cruised around and pretended to be tourists...we went into this one souvenir shop and hubster found a t-shirt that he wanted. It was black, with a white skull and cross bones...the skull had a patch over one eye, and at the bottom it said "Gimme yer Booty". He HAD to have it - which makes me think that perhaps I should do a "hubster's silly t-shirt" entry one of these days.

Later on at work - I guess hubster was telling his co-workers about the shirt...and they said " bought a PIRATE t-shirt that says GIMME YER BOOTY?"

as you can probably guess, hubster's new work nickname is now "BUTT PIRATE"

(that'll get some google hits huh?)

Men - sheesh!

Anyway, as we continued on our way, I found my new favorite store called Southern Port Traders. They had so many beautiful clothes - long flowy skirts and pants and shirts that I could have gone crazy in that place. I settled on a purse - or actually, it's not a purse - but more like a BAG...sort of a messenger bag style:

I made sure to give hubster a business card from that store - a reminder for birthday's, anniversary's, etc....

From there, hubster said he wanted to go to Cayucos for cookies. Ha! Sounds like a fundraiser or something..."Cayucos for Cookies!"

I was in an agreeable mood, so I just nodded and said "let's go!" - without asking any questions.

So we get to Cayucos, and hubster goes "okay, now look for a Chevron station"


I said "you're kidding me right?"

and he goes "nope, I've heard it's a bakery in a Chevron station"

And I said "really...hmmmm...allrighty then - and you don't know WHERE this Chevron station is?"

and he said "nope, but how hard could it be?"

So we drove and drove and finally found the Chevron station - and lo and behold...a bakery! Inside a Chevron Station! With Cookies! The size of my HAND!

Dang those things were good.


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