Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Behold the Pinz!

Last night, hubster and I had just finished dinner, when the phone rang. Hubster picked it up and even I...sitting way over on the couch....could hear alot of noise from the phone. I then hear my brother's voice shout "HEY! I'M COMIN OVER!"
hubster said "I can barely hear you!"
So we're just sitting watching the news, and all of a sudden, we hear this rumble. I told Hubster to mute the TV, and the rumble gets louder and louder and it's pulling into our driveway. We come out of the house and see THIS: (on the right)

That would be a PINZGAUER - a swiss army vehicle from the 1970's...made by Mercedes Benz if you can believe it.

My brother has been wanting one forever...and finally found one for a good deal. It's one of only TWO in the entire county - ha!

It totally looks like a refrigerator on wheels...it's hysterical.

It carries 8 people in the back with 2 bench seats that go along the sides of the vehicle...except I rode back there, and you could probably fit alot more than 8 back there...here's a peak:

My brother was incredibly giddy and excited last night, as was hubster...new toy!

Of course the first thing we did was hop in for a spin around town...which was funny because see this?

These would be the controls...which are all in GERMAN...hee! It was kind of a "learn-as-you-go" process...

It's super loud - which explains the yelling...and there is a metal gate that seperates the front from the back, which kinda made me feel like a prisoner. There was a moment of me hanging on the gate and screeching like a monkey...but only a moment.

We got some LOOKS driving down the street in that thing - it was pretty darn funny. The top rolls up and latches to the frame...it's kinda like a old swiss version of a hummer.

And see this?

That steel rail means that this thing was built to go over anything and everything in it's path.


If there is ever a nuclear disaster in this town, we'll all be heading for my brother's...because who needs roads when you have a Pinzgauer?

He's so excited - and so are we because it's fun and hilarious to ride in...hehehe

Behold the Pinz!

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rhiann carnated said...

someone in my neighborhood has one of those. they've been trying to sell it for months and my ex REALLY wanted it. I think it would have been kinda fun especially after seeing the inside but oh well :)