Thursday, January 26, 2006

A little bit of sap...

4 years ago today, at this exact time of day...I was dressed in a white dress...smiling through many pictures...cursing my hair, and my undergarments...and nervous about the fact that I had to walk down an aisle and stand in front of many people...and about to marry the love of my life.
Yes, that's right - it's our 4 year anniversary today.
I simply cannot imagine being married to anyone else - hubster just GETS me. We have the same weirdo sense of humor...the same quirks and smirks. We can laugh and laugh and laugh together...and yet, we can be very serious and have long talks about our hopes and dreams and the future. He is without a doubt, my best friend - and I'm so blessed and lucky that Amanda insisted we meet and tried so many times until we FINALLY got together. She knew before I did...which just proves that sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself.
Some of the things I love about my hubster:

I love that we can lounge around all day in our Pajamas watching movies and eating junk food
I love that he understands why I love kitty toes
I love that he is excited about being a something that's not furry...more baby-like
I love that no matter where he's going, how long he'll be gone, or what kind of mood he's in - he ALWAYS kisses me goodbye and tells me he loves me....even if he's just going out to get the mail.
I love that he likes to bake pies and cakes and cookies...because that means that I don't have to - but I still get to eat them
I love that he helps me with the laundry and the dishes without even asking
I love that he's not a picky eater...and he'll eat whatever I fix...even if it sucks
I love that alot of times, I don't even have to cook - we just have "do-it-yourself" nights - where he eats what he wants...I eat what I want...and it's all good.
I love that he lets me sleep in on the weekends...even if he's up and bored
I love that he doesn't mind when I spend money on books, books, and more books....even though I have stacks of books I haven't read yet
I love that we both love the rain...and fireplaces...
I love that we can get in the car and take a roadtrip for days and days...and not have even one single arguement - we just laugh and sing and go wherever we want
I love that he is such a good uncle to our neices...that he'll get down on the floor and play games with them...and that he'll make them cookies whenever they want
I love that he's got such a weird sneeze, that it still makes me laugh 4 years later
I love that he loves his family...and mine
I love that 99% of the time, he's in a good mood....and when he's not, I can tell him so, and he just agrees and says "you're right, I AM in a bad mood"...instead of getting all pissed off
I love that he doesn't mind ironing, and will always iron my clothes when we're going somewhere nice
I love that we both enjoy reading before we go to sleep at night
I love that we can be somewhere and we can just sit quietly and serenely enjoying our surroundings and people watching...without saying a word to each other
I love that one day, I'm gonna be wrinkled and gray haired...and perhaps a bit of a crotchety
old lady - and I know he'll love me anyway

Yup - I think I'll keep him :)


htebazile said...

I think this blog is the best one so far. It may not have made me laugh my ass off like the Dave's fax chick or the Set it and for get it. But it did make me smile from start to finish. So happy you are so happy. your HUBSTER ROCKS. And I know how that sneeze can still be funny. I think everytime he does it I almost pee my pants from laughing.

Amanda said...

Aw, I love it when you do the "why I love my husband" lists. I love you both!