Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Wow, last post May 9th - this month is such a blur.
Let's just say that we're going through an adjustment period over here at Casa de Adam. I'm trying to juggle a baby who's schedule is less of a schedule and more like just a big question mark at the beginning of every day...a job where I have to answer phones from 8 to 5 which can be tricky with a baby in the background...also, the small mountain of paperwork I need to tackle...and a household, which let's face it, has taken a serious beating since the critter arrived. Sometimes, I can have the living room all clean and pretty when I go to bed and then with feedings in the middle of the night somehow by morning, it looks like a tornado came through, carrying empty bottles and spit rags in it's path. And let's see - oh yes, then there's ME...what with the hormones and the wierd allergic reactions....stumbling around bleary eyed with spit-up stains on my pajamas, bags under my eyes, hair in complete disarray (make-up? what's THAT?) and usually a cup of coffee in one hand because let's face it people - I'm never gonna make it without a cup of joe throbbing through my system at any given time.
I won't even go there about the poor neglected dog with the big brown eyes who wistfully looks at me through the window begging for more exercise than a walk around the block or a toss or two of the ball can give her. (aaannnnd I went there anyway)

Days like today are my biggest challenge - as I'm on about 3 and a half hours of sleep, and the boy has been awake since is now, let's see...4pm?? That's right - he hasn't taken a single nap all day. Every time he falls asleep, I put him down, and seconds later he's awake and fussing because he's SO tired, but he's fighting it. I have one stubborn kid on my hands! (totally blaming that on hubs by the way). He is currently in his swing staring at his fish - silent and content, but also wide awake. At least I have a prayer of getting some sleep tonight...woooo!

I have all these posts that are half of course is the birth story - which if any of you know me, has to be this long winded rambling post instead of keeping it short and sweet. I also have several blogger friends who did the SWEETEST friggin thing for me and the boy a few weeks ago - and I have yet to either thank them, or finish my post (with pictures) about it know who you are, and I so apologize for my procrastination of a proper thank you! Also, I half wrote about my first mothers day and how spoiled I was by the hubster...see folks? I have good intentions - but at the end of the day, sleep trumps blog posting.

So anyway -we're doing fine over here...trying to figure things out and learning the best way to streamline my day and keep all my balls in the air at the same time. I don't know how you people with work and kids and blogs manage to do it all and seem like you have it all together (ahem, KELLY and JOANNA). Do either of you have any words of wisdom for this caffinated mama? Because I honestly don't know how you two manage to get out of the house each morning for work with actual CLOTHES that match, brushed hair and teeth, makeup applied..and let's not forget the kids who are dressed and fed and ready to go. And oh yeah, a full days work and then husbands and dinner and bedtime activities - and then you have time to BLOG? What's the secret? Is it crack? Inquiring minds want to know...


Anonymous said...

Awh K!!! i love you! I wish I had word of wisdom.. but I too am still blurry eyed. Can't wait to see you and the little monster this weekend.

Jeannett Gibson said...

HA! You crack me up!

Ok, hang in there mama. It gets better. I know that it seems impossible and you have no idea how on EARTH it can possibly get any better...but somehow, does. And then suddenly you realize, wait, it's not that bad...when did that happen??? Don't worry about the house or make up or whatever. Just love on that baby and eat up each and every sticky, stinky, spit up filled moment.

Secondly, I have to comment on the sleep thing. HE NEEDS TO SLEEP! I know, I know! But really! Henry did that a few times, and you just have to let him cry. It's awful, it breaks your heart...but it's better for them to cry and then finally sleep than to not cry and stay awake. Sleep begets sleep and vice versa. "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" Order it on amazon. Worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

... is it crack ...

yes, yes it is.

my neighbor can sell you some, stop by anytime.

Love that your funnier when your falling over exhausted.


Kelly said...

I'm busting up laughing. It's SO good to hear from you! I was getting worried. Nope, no crack here. =) Just the pure drive to be a Mom.

It WAS hard in the beginning. It WILL get easier. Remember, he's still tiny. I can't believe you're working already. Whether or not it's from home doesn't matter! That is hard to balance everything! My house is a wreck by the end of the week. I can't vacuum because it scares Aubrey. I'm not too worried about the state of the house anymore. It's on the bottom of the list. I agree, sleep trumps all!

Did I mention that it takes me nearly 2.5 hours to get out of the house to go anywhere? That part sucks since I have to get up so early. Once he starts sleeping better you'll feel like a new woman. Remember though, I was well rested before she came home. They just threw you into this adventure... rash and all! I can't imagine him not sleeping all day. What does your pedi say about that? Is he getting enough to eat? A full belly for Aubrey is an automatic nap. Ha! You poor sleep deprived soul!

Blogging.... well, I have a laptop so I one-hand type while holding Aubrey or while feeding her. I've created a monster and I think people would worry if I didn't post one day. =)

We gotta get you sleeping first then worry about the rest. Someday it will better! I can't wait to meet that little guy sometime!