Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy Bees

So last night, my little dude FINALLY fell asleep at about 5pm. He crashed hard in fact, that we couldn't wake him up. We had a pediatrician appointment this morning, so I wanted to give him a bath last night - but after him sleeping through a diaper change and many attempts on our part to rouse him...we had no luck, and felt bad for the guy since he'd been up so long and decided to let him sleep. He woke up twice during the night, which is standard - so I guess he's back to his normal schedule. Yesterday must have been a fluke thing.

We woke up at 7:30 this morning and hit the ground running...I immediately started the coffee pot, fed the boy, settled him into his crib with his little rainforest music maker, and I jumped into the shower, got dressed - then I stripped the kid and gave him a bath, got him dressed and calmed down. He has decided he likes the bath, but HAAATES when we take him out, so it takes some effort to chill him out afterwards...please observe the beginning stages of the meltdown:

and then I had juuuuust enough time to semi-dry my hair and put on my shoes before we had to head out the door for our 1 month check up with the doctor. Our doctor's office is right downtown, which means parking is a major pain....we found a spot, I dug up some change for the meter, and walked in the door 2 minutes early - WOOO! Granted, my hair was still half wet, and I had no make up on whatsoever - but dude, they're lucky I didn't stumble in there braless and stinky, so who cares about the make up - we were EARLY, and it was only 9:15!

The boy weighs 11.2 pounds, which means he's gaining about an ounce a day...holy mackerel. Doc was thrilled and said to keep it up. He also measured 22 inches, which means he's already grown 2 full inches since birth, which blows my mind. We talked alot about feedings and gassiness and colic and all that jazz, and then my kid had to get a Hep B shot. Now, they gave him one in the hospital, but they whisked him off to another room, so I wasn't there for that - or the vitamin K shot they gave him right after he was born. So the nurse comes into the room and says "okay mom, now I know this is your first time with the shot thing - so be prepared to have a hard time seeing him so upset...alot of mom's cry the first time (which I knew and was prepared for) - so just remember he'll be fine!"

So she reaches down, grabs his leg and administers the shot...

My kid went "heh - heh" and then proceeded to do the maggie simpson on his pacifier and look at me with giant suspicious eyeballs...and that was pretty much it. No screaming, no tears, barely even a peep out of the boy. The nurse was like "wow, he didn't even cry! no warning needed I guess eh?"...he's now sporting a groovy snoopy bandaid on his leg and all is well.

After our appointment, we hightailed it home so I could get some billing done - after about about an hour, I fed him....during which he decided to flash me his "yo-yo, wuz up" pose
After a quick change, we headed into the office (I go in on tuesdays and thursdays). If I time it right, he'll fall asleep in the car and stay sleeping the entire time I'm there, so I can bust out everything I need to do before he needs something. Today, I had alot of things to catch up on and then our printer decided to take a at one point, I was there long enough that I had to feed and change him again and luckily he was in a good enough mood to just chill out at my desk with me while I finished up my work. Then I loaded up my car with deliveries, and hightailed it home so I could print out the rest of my billing on my printer (since my boss had ours torn apart and it was getting late in the afternoon). So, after stopping at the house and printing everything I needed to, squeezing in another feeding and diaper was time for me to drop the billing off to our customer - well, these are people who I've been talking to on the phone for 10 years, so once they knew I had the kid with me, it became an hour long visit with everyone in the office and the boy was passed around until he started to fuss from all the overstimulation...which is when I looked at the clock and realized it was 5pm and I was supposed to meet Alison to pick up the veggies for our harvest share - OOPS...I was a bit late. My critter was still upset and screaming when I got there, but Alison worked her magic and held him and swayed with him and he felt right asleep on her chest.

I got home and was finishing up some work and then suddenly we lost all our electricity. So, no more work for me! Luckily it came on in just enough time for our DVR to catch the Grey's finale...priorities, you know?

SO yes, busy busy day - but everything went well, and I'm so grateful that my little man travels well and is able to go with the flow on days like today. I got alot accomplished and I actually look forward to my in-office days because to be honest...I can get a bit of cabin fever being stuck in this house.

We have company coming this weekend, so I've got some tidying up to do tomorrow and then my dad is coming to have lunch with me and he's going to have hang time with his grandson for a bit afterwards, so I can get some WORK done.

On that note, whaddya say it's PICTURE time hmmm?
The other day, I was getting my critter ready for a bath, and as I was pulling off his shirt, it got stuck on his giant I grabbed the camera and had some fun. May I present to you, mind reader extraordinaire, The Great Adamski!!!

I shall tell you your future....

Let me meditate for a moment...

hmmmmm, you're future looks like it will be....

One pissed off kid if you don't get this thing off my head, and the camera out of my face!

Seriously, does the boy know how to work that bottom lip or WHAT?


*aron* said...

hahaha i LOVE those pics :) they are all great... sounds like a BUSY day you had!!!

Kelly said...

Good job Mommy! That's a lot of running around! Aubrey has suddenly decided she needs to eat every two hours now! As soon as I know it, it's time for another bottle! Yikes! That alone is a full-time job!

You're amazing being back at work! It's nice to can take Adam along. What a nice boss you have.

Holy toledo! 11.2 already? Dude, he's going to pass up Aubrey in NO time!

LOVE the pictures! He's so handsome! What a pouty face. I bet it gets Mom everytime!

Joanna said...

O'kay so here's my comment for the last three posts (I suck)

1. No crack involved. My kids SLEEP now. I couldn't have had a blog when they were wee ones. I post at night mostly after they're asleep. As for Kelly, well she's a super-mom, just ignore her.

2. On that topic....Supermoms are everywhere, never EVER compare yourself. I promise someone out there feels exactly the same as you.

3. Working already? I didn't return to work until 4 months with Paige, and I felt very together. With Ally I went back at 8 weeks; suffice it to say I went make-up less, bra-less, etc. Many times

4. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE EVER: NEVER LOOK AT THE CLOCK DURING THE NIGHT. There's no point, it'll only make you upset.

5. Chubby babies need LOTS of food to help them keep their adorable rolls.

6.Housecleaning is NOT a priority (hire alejandra)

7. Coffee (or diet pepsi) can fix almost anything.

8. If you're at your whits end, its ALWAYS ok to set the baby down in a safe place and set the timer for 2 minutes. Go to a quiet place and take some deep breaths for two minutes. I promise it works