Monday, May 05, 2008

Playing catch up...

I feel like I have all these blog posts rambling around in my head, and yet no time to sit down and actually POST then I get behind and need to play catch up.

I think I will start by bragging about my sister in law Carie once again (she of the "bedding and diaper bag" fame). A few weeks ago, she dropped off the CUTEST invitation she made for Gracie's birthday party...all you scrapbookers out there are going to love this:
She also made cupcakes with sugar fondant daisy's (yes, she even made the daisy's) on them, they were SO YUMMY and they looked so adorable. She's like supermom with all the cool stuff she does.

Adam was so worn out from the party - that he actually passed out mid-yawn, ha!
And how about this precious three year old? What a doll face!


In other news, this last week I've been dealing with the rash from HELL. This whole recovery process has not been the easiest. Let's see, it all started a week after Adam was born, I got my staples out and the doc put steri strips on my incision. Well, silly ME forgot that I have a tape allergy, so the next day I started to get an itchy red rash all around my incision. I of course was worried about infection, but once I took the tape off and saw that the rash was exactly a rectangle shape like the tape, I realized what had happened. Basically it caused sort of a third degree burn on my skin, with blisters and everything - and it ITCHED horribly, so not a good combo. I went to the doctor and they gave me a steroid cream to put on it. 2 days later and the rash had now spread down both thighs, up my stomach and onto my chest. Eventually, it crept it's way down both arms and both legs and even onto my face. Needless to say, I was freaking out. I itched so badly, it was just consuming me - and I was so uncomfortable and of course sleep deprived as it is. I finally ended up at an urgent care center where I stumped 2 doctors before they brought in a third who's best guess is that I had a nasty reaction to something they did during the prep for the c-section. Apparantly the drapes they use have adhesive on one side, and since the rash was only on the FRONT of my body - it made sense that it had to be something related to that. Let's just say it's not a good feeling to be laying on a table half nekkid covered in a horrible rash while 3 men stare at you and go "hmmm, this is so wacky! I've never seen anything like it!". Yeah, GREAT. I was totally paranoid about giving whatever it was to my little man...I used so much soap and antibacterial gel that my hands ended up all dried out and crackly. Luckily, it's not contaigeous - wooo!

Anyway, they prescribed me Prednisone, and another cream to use - and FINALLY it started to go away. Pretty much everything is gone except for right around my incision, so I'm feeling much better - but still concerned about why I had such a crazy reaction. Hubs and my parents all want me to go to an allergist so I can be tested and make sure it doesn't happen again. This last week has just SUCKED what with the itching and the not sleeping and waking up every day to find the rash had spread somewhere else. I still have puffy red marks under both eyes, but I'm hoping they'll go away soon.


Squishy baby pics!

More to come soon!


*aron* said...

ok first of all... the cutest invites ever!!!! and LOVE the cupcakes! SO FUN!

second... OMG that rash!! AHHHH does NOT sound fun. ending up in urgent care!??! EEEK.. probably a good idea to see an allergist just because. NO FUN... glad you are feeling better now though!

third... adam is SOOOO FREAKING CUTE!!

cant wait for the rest of the stored posts to come :)

Kelly said...

Your sister in law must be related to Martha Stewart! Incredibly cute stuff! She's very talented. The nice part of that is that you and Adam get to reap lots of rewards! =)

Ugh with the rash! I'm allergic to plastic tape too! I didn't know that until my first IV. The blisters and rash took forever to go away. I'm not sure you WANT to do all the allery tests. I've heard they do nasty things and it's quite extensive! Make sure you always tell them to use the paper tape.

Ahhhh.. you're right! Squishy baby. I just want to squeeze his perfect cheeks! I LOVE all his clothes. I'm curious if you went out clothes shopping after he came home?

What do think of arranged marriages? Aubrey and Adam would be pretty darn cute together! =)

April said...

Love the open mouth sleeping picture. He had to be snoring in that one!

Joanna said...

O'kay really your sister-in-law is VERY talented. I LOVE the invites and the little lady bugs on the cupcakes. So, so, sweet!

Adam looks like such a sweetie, keep the pictures coming!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I could not believe it when I read about the rash. The same thing happened to me (not kidding) when I had my Gall Bladder surgery after Bri was born. I thought it was from the pain meds but now I wonder if I may have had a similar allergy to whatever they use when they put you under the knife. Hmmmmmmm food for thought. Anyway things sound wonderful 4 u all. Kisses to you guys, but most of all to sweet Adam! Luv, Kerry (and Scot)