Friday, May 09, 2008

A letter from Adam

So - hub's mom has been having a tough time being away from our little yesterday, I decided to document as much as I could in pictures and send her a "letter" specifically from Adam about how he spends his day...sort of a Mother's Day surprise for her.
It came out so cute, I decided to go ahead and post it on here for your viewing pleasure :)
Here goes:

Hey's me, Adam!

I know you love me alot, and since you don't get to see me all the time, I decided to give you a little peek into my sit back and enjoy the ride! (and feel free to blow me kisses at any time - I assure you I can catch them from here)

"A Day In the Life of ME!"

This is me, right after breakfast...I was perfectly fine, but then mom said she wanted to give me a bath, so I decided to pitch a fit to distract her and she kept saying something about my bottom lip poking out... at least I didn't have to take a bath after that!

This is me on my changing table...I spend alot of time here as mom says I have "busy buns". It's a nice place, and I have plenty of room to kick my feet and fling out my arms!

This is me hanging out in my swing...
I like to fling my head back and stare at my fish - they tell me good stories and I usually nap here after our conversations.

Speaking of naps...yesterday I had my VERY FIRST playdate with a cute girl named Addison, and can you believe it? I slept through the WHOLE THING? Mom says I missed out on her chipmunk cheeks, and I need to pay more attention next time because she's super cute and has really nice parents.


Aaaaaannnnnnnd passed out on the couch in a food coma....

This is mom and I having a chat...otherwise known as her trying to keep me awake so I'll sleep more at nightime, hehe. We talk alot during the day - and she sings to me (I don't have the heart to tell her she can't carry a tune). I usually just stare at her suspiciously...fascinated that she has so many things to tell me.

Here I am all settled in my car seat getting ready for my first trip to Starbucks!

When we arrived, mom's friend Alison held me and I was so cozy that I fell asleep the whole time we were there...

When daddy comes home, he smothers me with kisses! I usually get dinner, and a good burp and then I settle in on his lap for some tv watching and snuggling. I loooove to stare at my daddy when he talks to me and he can't stop kissing me all over.

Mom finally got her way and after daddy time, she stripped me down for a bath....bah!

I'm not a huge fan of the bath yet...but daddy assures me if I'm anything like him, I'll love it eventually! I actually sucked it up and didn't cry at ALL for this one...

Here's me all warm and cozy and clean...and I'm not sure why dad always insists on doing that to my hair.

Mom says I smell so good that they should bottle it so we can send it to you....I hear grandma's love clean baby smell!

And finally, here I am in my "burrito" state - worn out from my long busy day, and ready for some hard core sleeping! (well... until I get hungry at 3:30am)

And here I am this morning - bright eyed and bushy tailed!

I can't WAIT to see you Grandma...I know you have a good snuggly spot near your heart that God put there JUST FOR ME! Keep blowing me kisses, so I can catch them until I get the real thing mmmmkay??

So, think she's gonna cry??? hehehehe
Happy Early Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!

*having issues posting pictures, so excuse the messy layout...


*aron* said...

YESSSSS tears will be flowing... and HAPPY FIRST MOTHERS DAY to you!!!!

love all the pics... he is such a CUTE little guy!

Joanna said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!! Your mother-in-law is lucky to have you. I hope you had an awesome day!

Kelly said...

What a busy day! I LOVE all of his hair. Seriously cute. I think your MIL will get just a *tad* bit mushy over that one! =)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow K - that's the best! You are so creative. Did she love it? Love, Amanda

AllisonD said...

Very VERY cute, and yes she will definitly cry! If I am...she definitly will be!!

Kelly said...

Thinking of you and AJ. I hope you're doing okay!