Monday, July 07, 2008

Absorbing every minute...

Hubs and I watched the movie "Definately, Maybe" last night...and LOOOOVED IT. That little Abigail Breslin is a little spitfire, and a fabulous actress.
Anyway, after that movie of course we were both in sappy moods. We were on the couch with our son sleeping between us. I stood to pick him up and take him to his bed...but I stopped in my tracks and just stared at his tiny sleeping body.

I said "look at him, he's so little...his whole little self fits on one sofa cushion"
Hubs said "yes, he does"
I said "and he's going to grow bigger and bigger"
Hubs said "yes, he will"
I said "and taller and taller"
Hubs said "yes, and he will slam his bedroom door at some point"
I said "yes, and may say "I hate you!" in anger"
Hubs said "yes, and stomp out of the room"
I said "yes, but he'll also say "I love you""
Hubs said "yes, and he'll laugh and be silly with us"
I said "and he'll know that he's loved"
Hubs said "and one day, he'll become a father himself"
I said "and he'll finally get it..."
Hubs said "and he'll finally get it..."

and with tears in our eyes, and smiles on our faces...we picked up our sleeping son and carried him off to bed.


*aron* said...

ohhhhhh such a sweet post :) you guys are amazing parents!

Joanna said...

Print this post. The day will come when he does say he hates you, then give him the printed page. I think it'd be a great thing to tape to a teenagers door :)

I just rented that movie tonight, but didn't get a chance to watch it. Both you and April have recommended it, so I'm sure I'll love it :)

Kelly said...

So very true! Your post made me smile!