Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Finally....a proper "Thank You"

You know about blogger friends? People you don't actually know in person, but you FEEL like you know because you read about their lives on a regular basis and comment back and forth? I think blogger friends are awesome and I sometimes feel so connected and cared for by these people that I don't really know...it's just an amazing thing.
So one day I was visiting my friend Alison...and she presented me with a gift bag. She told me to read the card first, so I opened this adorable card and discover that it was signed by Alison...and 3 blogger friends - April, Kelly, and Joanna. I was blown away! So I reached into the bag, and I pulled out a teeeeny tiiiiiny onsie with a tuxedo imprint!!!! I cracked up as Alison told me April had found it and they all collaborated to give it to me. Oh man, it was so awesome...I can't even tell you. See, Alison once made a snarky (rightfully so) comment on her blog about what hubs was wearing at my baby shower. My mom had told him to dress up - so he did...with camo shorts - a hat on backwards - and a t-shirt with a tuxedo imprint on the front....yyyyeaaah - stylin!
Thus...the teeny, tiny onsie was an absolutely perfect and thoughtful gift :)
Then Alison handed me a big envelope and said "and now this"
and I'm like "???????"
"Just open it" she said...
and I proceeded to pull out a letter from the IKHFC (the international knit-hat fan club). BWAAA!
To explain - Joanna is bow obsessed and has two very adorable girls who are always sporting bows in their hair that match their outfits. Now, Kelly also has an adorable girl who is learning the "ways of a matching bow". I haven't noticed any obsessions with April and her also very adorable girls, but I might not be looking hard enough :) (correct me if I'm wrong here)
So when I had a BOY - Alison was nice enough to do a guest post for me on this blog, and beg the question of the IBFC president "what is the proper accessory for a boy? since a bow is just not happenin".
And here is my answer...a letter....ON LETTERHEAD no less...that basically said Knit-Hats are Where It's At.

She also sent these three super cute knit-hats as part of my "welcome packet".
Oh man, I was laughing so hard at this whole thing...absolutely hilarious - and so much thought went into it all! I felt super special to receive such neat stuff from people I hardly know! (except for Alison of course)
So I immediately put the little tux onsie on Adam, and eventually we left Alison's and headed home to greet hubs and show off our new duds.
When hubs got home, I was sitting on the couch with Adam facing me, so his outfit was hidden. I handed hubs the card and picked up the camera:
Reading the card...
He was suspicious:
But when I turned our son around and showed him our gift...he was STOKED
And shortly thereafter...Alison presented me with another gift...camo shorts for AJ - so I snapped an appropriate picture of my "Boys"
So girls...Joanna, Kelly, April, and Alison....I'm so ashamed that it's taken me this long to send you a proper thank you post for the nice thing you all did. But please know that I truly appreciate it and I found it to be absolutely hilarious. I've learned something from each of you about friendship and parenting, and I'm so glad to know you all and call you my friends!


*aron* said...

LOL i love the pics in the matching shirt and shorts!! HILARIOUS!

IKHFC President said...

Yea! The pictures are awesome! The tux onsesie looks even better than I expected, and I especially love the matchy/matchy photos.

I'm so lucky to 'know' you as well. I look foward to your posts and to eventually having a 'bloggin date' with all the girls.

No need to apologize, you're doing your Mamma-job, it's the most important.

Kelly said...

Adorable! They look stinkin' cute together in their matchy/matchy outfits! I'm so glad it fit! (We were a tad bit worried since he was so big at birth!)

Yeah, those IKHFC and IBFC Prez are hard core! They recruit, so watch out! =) Ha.

I know you're a busy mommy.... really... you do what you need to do. Don't mind us blog stalkers. I'm just glad you're doing well!

Squeeze his cute cheeks for me!

April said...

FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!!! I love that you took pictures of him reading the card and the "stoked" look on his face! That is FANTASTIC! I too like the matchy/matchy photos. They are so stylish! As far as the bows go...I too am a member of the club but shockingly I prefer a smaller bow than most other members. I prefer to actually be able to see my kids faces :-) AND...RED has only been tolerating them for the last few weeks. I am sure you will see more bows popping up in upcoming posts. Thanks for the pictures. They are great!