Friday, July 18, 2008

Catching up...

For the record...I'm so tired today that I just spent 10 minutes going through my son's itty bitty pockets before throwing his clothes in the wash and then realizing that HELLO - he's 3 months old, DUH.
I also was getting a bottle ready and I almost poured coffee into it instead of water...that's the SECOND time I've done that.
Last night sucked. The boy is a power napper. I have no idea how to break him of this habit. He thinks it's fabulous to sleep for 10 minutes at a time alllll day, only to be so overtired at night, that he kicks and fusses and fights getting to sleep until he passes out from pure exhaustion. Usually he's a good nighttime sleeper and only wakes up once around 3 or 4am - but last night, he decided to wake up every single time I put him down, which means I was up pretty much most of the night.
For all you mom's out there. Got any tips of the trade on how to break my kid of the bad habit I've gotten him into of sleeping in my arms? Also - is it possible to put a baby in their bed when they are tired and actually have them fall asleep on their own? because if so, I think broken. It's never happened, I've tried and tried and tried and if I want him to sleep, I have to get him to sleep and THEN put him down. And the power napping...anything I can do about that?

Otherwise, hubs has been dealing with kidney stones for the last 3 weeks. It's been really hard on him because he's either in pain or drugged up and sleepy....which means it's also been hard on me because I've taken the brunt of the parenting during my most busy time of year (fiscal year end/beginning). We're both tired and ready for the whole kidney issue to be over and done with.

My house is a wreck and I'm off to clean it :)


Kelly said...

Oh! I'm not one for advice since I'm currently holding Aubrey while she sleeps. We got in that bad habit too... simply because she wouldn't fall asleep any where else. I often will set her on the couch next to me with her silkie and have her try to fall alseep on her own. That has only happened a few times. She will sleep in her car seat and stroller... that's about it.

As soon as she falls asleep I try and put her down so she won't get used to the comfort of my arms. Sometimes she wakes up again and I have to rub her back for a few minutes.

Only once did she fall asleep on her own in her bed. She woke at 3am, ate, then thought it was playtime. Um, no! I don't think so! I tried and tried to settle her down and get her to fall asleep. I gave up since I was so tired.. set her in her bed and I fell alseep. I woke up an hour later in a panic but she was sound asleep. No one to play with I guess. But, she wasn't crying... just entertaining herself. Had she been crying I would have been at my witts end!

Sleep issues are hard! I'm sorry you're dealing with that. Then with hubby in pain, that doesn't help either! Hopefully that will be over soon and you'll get the rest you need. Can you have a family member come over this weekend to entertain AJ while you get some sleep? You need a break and you deserve it Mommy!

*aron* said...

LOL the first line had me cracking up.

sooo sorry you are so tired :( i have no advice but i hope you get some rest soon!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Ok, here's my's not for everyone...but it does work. You gotta let him cry. Even if it takes him two hours until he falls asleep. It'll be the most miserable two-three days of your life. You will cry. You will want to run in there and rescue him. You will tear your hair out and be convinced that you are doing permanent damage. But it will work.

For many mommies, this is a controversial thing. I have friends who point blank say "we don't let our babies cry". So, it's totally personal preference. "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." Buy it.

As for the napping, it's the same technique. Basically, it is more restful for him to cry in his crib for an hour, than for him to be awake and seemingly happy for that hour. He needs sleep and the more tired he gets, the worse it will get.

I put Henry down wide awake and turn on Baby Tad. I say "okay, baby. mommy loves you. sleep tight son." and leave the room. that's it. he doesn't cry, or whine or fight. he just sticks his fingers in his mouth, grabs his blankie and lays there until he falls asleep. you might consider establishing some kind of physical connection with sleep like a blankie, a paci, Baby Tad (a toy that plays music). Hen immediately calms down when he sees his Baby Tad...he just knows that it means it's naptime.

good luck. hang in there. just remember that no matter how hard it is, if you stick with it, it will be a crappy two weeks, but a glorious five years! :)

April said...

I totally agree with Jeannett. SORRY! I know it stinks but you have to do it. I think I mentioned to you before that we also started swaddling RED when she was almost three months because she just wouldn't sleep.
We did that for four more months. And three months was also about the age that we started letting her "cry it out" or whatever you want to call it. I will never forget the first thanksgiving after she was born. She was two months and about three weeks old and she LITERALLY was awake from 8:00 in the morning till about 10:30 that nap! I was at my wits end and that's when my brother in law swaddled her for me (tightly) and told me to lay her down. It was slow going at first but ended up working. There is also some book that my sister and brother in law read (maybe it's the one Jeannett mentioned) that talks about the 3 S's or something...I think it stands for swaddle, swing, and suck??? Also there is other research that shows that babies really NEED to cry. It's an emotional and physical release for them. As long as he is somewhere safe like his crib I would say you have to just go for it. I wish I could say it gets easier with the second child but I really don't think it does :-( Keep us posted.

April said...

I just noticed that you are currently reading The No Cry Sleep I am thinking that you think Jeannett and I are nuts! I will be interested to know how you think the strategies in the book work. I also forgot to mention that I do go get them if they wake up in the middle of the night crying. Just wanted to make that clear :-) No matter what all of your friends and family members tell you, in the end you obviously have to do what makes you feel comfortable.

Joanna said...

Checking his wee little pockets, priceless!

As for the sleeping. I think I'm with Jeanette and April on this one...altough I think he's a little early for the whole 'cry it out'.

We allowed both our girls to 'cry it out' starting at 5-6 months. My general rule of thumb was at the beginning let them cry for short periods of time 5 min, then 10, then 15-20. Really, Kelly can attest that my kids from a very young age were put down to sleep awake w/o tears. It really only took a week or so to get them 'with the program'.

My kids still woke up to be nursed once a night through the 1st year. I always went to cuddle/console them during the night in the beginning.

Although painful I think it's necessary. I think when it's done well, it's not harmful. I'm a firm believer that babies and children need to self soothe. Having said that, I think it works best in an envirement when there is an ABUNDANCE of trust and love.

I think sometimes, wee ones are over stimulated and just need a chance for some peace and quiet. It's never too early to start a routine....bath, book, nurse/bottle, a lovey, and then bed.

Ultimately, you have to do what feels right (for you, hubby, and the baby)...good luck!