Thursday, December 16, 2004

20 things

20 things about our 3 cats of doom...

1. One of them will always be sitting in the window waiting for us when we get home, we never know which one - so it's kind of a game to guess which one
2. We can never do anything in the bathroom ALONE, there is usually at least one pair of eyes staring as us as if to say "that is a WEIRD shaped box...and how come you never cover it up when you're finished?"
3. It's great to have someone to talk to when home by yourself, especially when they talk back and ask about your day (they do, I swear!)
4. We can't wash our hands or brush our teeth without having to share the faucet with a black and white furball who WILL shove you out of the way if he has to...the other cats are currently in training
5. All 3 of them will always be in whatever room we happen to watch tv in. Once, we actually got up and switched rooms to test this theory and one by one - they all followed us into the next room. We think it's because they're nosy and want to make sure they're around if anything exciting happens.
6. If there is a carton of yogurt in the house and it is doesn't matter where Tiny is - even if he's sleeping - he will smell it and will climb all up in your grill until you share.
7. Even after all these years, Jackson STILL tries to catch the fish in the fish tank - he will sit and stare at those fish for hours..and every now and then jump up to get one...sometimes he'll be there so long that we look over and he's passed out on the floor up against the fish tank - as if he just melted there...
8. If you are outside, and Tweak is sitting in the window - and you look at him and say "HI BUBBA!" - he will wave at you and meow.
9. EVERY time we change the sheets on any bed, all 3 cats think that it's their duty to lie down on each under the sheet, one under the blanket, and one under the comforter. We end up with 3 moving lumps on our bed - and the hubster swears they will suffocate, while I stand there and laugh at the lumps...
10. Tiny will always put his toys in either his food bowl, or his water bowl - we've seen alot of drowned furry mice in our day...
11. When we're laying in bed, Jackson always jumps up and tries to find our hands so he can make us pet him...usually, we'll tuck our hands under the covers and giggle while he digs madly at the blankets because he KNOWS THERE ARE HANDS UNDER THERE SOMEWHERE!
12. Tweak will always wait until the other two cats, and the daddy are out of sight before he will cuddle with me. The minute they leave the room, he looks at me and goes "MEH!" and then he'll climb into my lap and be the baby.
13. The event of a kitty smackdown is the best non-electronic entertainment around...
14. Christmas ornaments are just a fancy way of displaying kitty toys that can be batted from room to room leaving the bottom half of our tree nekkid as can be
15. Our bedtime is their playtime...we just don't know how to stop the stomping and sliding...
16. No bugs, moths, or spiders can survive in our house. If they spot something on the ceiling or high up on a wall, they will sit and whine and cry until we come and lift them up so they can reach it.
17. Tiny loves candy, as well as fruit rolls, beef jerky, shrimp, any kind of sauce or soup, cereal, and yeah...pretty much ANYTHING that people eat. I've never seen him spit anything out...
18. Tweak limits his food preferences to milk and velveeta cheese...and he only licks the gravy off of canned food, he won't actually eat any of it...he doesn't care for cat treats, or even meat of any kind...he's odd.
19. Jackson only loves cat food (any kind and a lot of it)...the only people food I've ever seen him eat is shrimp, and I think he only ate it to spite the Tiny...eating usually cuts into his sleeping time, so he can't be bothered with anything other than what's in the bowl.
20. We simply can't imagine our lives without the furballs - we would be bored out of our skulls - they are so quirky and full of personality :)

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Amanda said...

Now that's funny!
Your cats are a riot!
#11 about Jackson cracked me up =)