Friday, December 17, 2004

Thank Gawd...

The Christmas shopping is over! Hubster and I braved the crowds...and my anxiety about get the majority of it done last night. We spent too much money and we still have some stocking stuffers to get - but the big stuff is done. We have so many KIDS to shop for...5 neices, one nephew, and one neice-to-be. Not to mention all our friend's children...Yowza.
Now comes the wrapping - I want to get it all done this weekend, so I'm not wrapping on Christmas Eve like usual. I think we did well with everyone this year - and the best part is that we did it TOGETHER. Usually, I end up doing all the shopping online or on my lunch hour and it SUCKS ...
I feel like I have so much to do...
1. I still don't have any christmas lights up on the outside of the house - and mom is coming over to paint our bay window with some sort of "scene" so I need to get the lights up this weekend for sure.
2. The screen busted on our front door - so I gotta fix that...which is an involved project because it involves wood molding and painting...dag-nab-it.
3. Hopefully, T can come over this weekend to highlight my hair because I want to get that done before Christmas and the hubster is a big chicken and won't do it for me.
4. My house is a disaster and needs to be cleaned IMMEDIATELY - or I will go insane and my brain will explode into a million little peices.
5. My laundry is piled (and I mean PILED) in the bedroom and I absolutely have no excuses other than I am lazy...
6. The hubster has taken one entire month to replace the belt in our vacuum cleaner. I know, I could have done it myself - but it was seriously a matter of principle and I REFUSED because I ALWAYS end up just "doing it myself" and so now he's trained to that - and I'm trying to break that habit. So yeah, it's nasty - but I haven't vacuumed in almost a month now...he JUST fixed it last night - so it's out nasty carpet!
7. I have all that wrapping of presents to do - and I'm anal about my present wrapping, so NO - hubster cannot help - his wrapping sucks...hehehe
8. My kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed badly - as in TAKE EVERYTHING OUT - all carts and stools and trash cans and "scrub the floor" involving hands and knees, the whole she-bang.
9. My trash cans need to be hosed and scrubbed out because they STANK
10. My closet has been a dilemma for a while's so small and so crammed with stuff...I truly need to clean it out and organize everything - I can't even close the door, it's THAT BAD...Hubster has been making comments - so I know it's bad if he's noticing it...LOL

Yeah, alot to do... *sigh*

I need some crack or some jolt cola to get me going...

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