Wednesday, December 01, 2004


The hubster has been trying to get me to sit down and watch Band of Brothers with him forever. (he's only watched it about 427 times)
I actually really WANT to see it - but it's LONG, and seems like such a daunting task now that I've put it off for so long...
Well, I am a reality TV junkie (and I mean like, tap my veins, kind of junkie - I need my fix!) and I am constantly trying to get hubster to watch certain shows with's always more fun to watch with someone else, so you can complain about certain people during the commercial break, am I right?
So last night, we're watching a Trading Spouses episode that I had taped (the one with the self-righteous over the top animal activist who was such a looney-bin) and the hubster pipes up with "okay, let's make a deal! For every 5 hours of reality TV that I watch with you, you have to watch 1 hour of Band of Brothers with me"
Yes, he actually said that...
So I shouted "DEAL!" and grabbed his hand and shook it furiously before he could realize what he'd just done.

Then it sunk in - he said he would watch 5 HOURS of reality tv...for 1 HOUR of a really good movie....HAHAHHAHAHAHA - what the hell was he thinking?

and of course, there are no take-backs...what kind of person would I be if I didn't honor his initial proposition?

*enter evil laugh here*

I told him that I think he made that deal because deep down he is really a reality TV junkie too and just doesn't want to admit it...

tap that vein hubster because you're in for ALOT of reality tv :)

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