Friday, December 03, 2004


I went to Walmart on my lunch hour to see if I could find scarves to wear over our elf costumes (because we'll be freezing our butts off out there), except that as I pulled into the parking lot, I found that everybody and their friggin cousin decided to be at that particular Walmart today. I swear, the parking lot (and this is a BIG parking lot) was completely full...
I decided that my sanity could not handle that, and I will go sometime tonight instead...late tonight...the later the better.
I get really claustrophobic and psycho inside really crowded stores. When I'm in there too long, and people are in my way and annoying me, I always wish that I had a big rubber cart so I could just BUMP everyone else out of the way. Those people that stop in the middle of the aisle and don't pull over to the side so other people can get by?....those people would most definately be bumped. The people who MEANDER EVER SO FLIPPIN SLOWLY looking at this or that and don't pay any attention to those around them...while I have a LIST and a MISSION, and a GOAL to get the hell out of there as soon as possible - but those people don't care because they take a half hour to decide what kind of CHEESE they want to buy?...those people would get bumped as well. And most definately, the people who take an hour and a half to put their crap away and LEAVE after checking out - you know the types who are still standing there putting things in their purse or looking over their receipt...even when all my stuff has been scanned and I'm trying to write out my check in my hand because they won't move the heck out of the way? Those people I just kill and bury in my back yard....HEH - kidding! only kidding!
Aren't I a joy when it comes to shopping?
Online shopping is the only thing that saves me from having a nervous breakdown this time of year...hehe

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