Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Can it really be Christmas in 4 days? I still have tons of wrapping to do...
I'm not sure why, but the Christmas spirit hasn't really been IN me so far this year. Still no lights up...probably not gonna happen - heh.
Things are quite busy at work despite the slow time of year - my receptionist is gone now, so I've gotta do all the stuff that she would normally take care of, which sucks.
Hubster is working late these days and coming home tired, but still in good spirits. We still have to make AJ and CC's gift...we've got 3 days...joy!
I'm feeling anxious about the next couple of weeks, and I'm not sure why. It's as if all my insecurities are alive inside my head when they're usually pushed back into a dark corner of my mind. That probably only makes sense to me, but that's okay.
I hate when I get like this...but I know it won't last forever...I just need to DO something...

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