Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Gosh - thanks for all the props everyone....apparantly all our hard work paid off! I'm glad you all like it - I'm excited to see it all come together too, with all the fabrics and whatnot. And yes, the belly is big - hahahaha - it's okay, I've expected this. I weighed 8.7 when I was born, and hubs was almost 10 pounds. Girly-bits-are-cringing.
As you can all see - hubs was wearing his big giant "I'm humble" button last night in the comments:

Anonymous said...
Once again that hunk of a husband of yours comes to the rescue. I can only dream of having a man like that..rrrrrr(tiger growl)

I have to state FOR THE RECORD (HUBS) - that I'm the one who sanded and spackled and sanded and sweat over that darn desk...yeah, yeah, he painted it - but I did the hardest part. hahaha - so stop taking all the credit there mr. tiger growl.

So I have an ultrasound on Friday, and hubs was supposed to have the day off - but his bosses aren't cooperating, and even though my appt is at 8:30am, they STILL won't even let him come in late that day...which really sucks. But, there's nothing we can do, so I called my mom last night to see if she wanted to come with me - and turns out my DAD wants to go too!
He's been super sappy about this whole event and keeps hugging me and saying "I can't believe my baby is having a baby"'s all really very sweet. So yes, I'll be going to my appt with both my parents in tow. Mom and I were laughing about how I'll be stereotyped as the teen mom who's parents will be helping raise the kid. I told her I'd gladly put my hair in pigtails and sport the high top converse to boost my 15 year old image. HA!
Who was thrilled to see the last one - and dad's never ever seen an ultrasound in action before, so he's gonna be stoked to see his grandbaby on that screen.
I have the day off - so I think I'm gonna bring Georgia and maybe my brother's dog Jasper...and maybe even my parents dog Libby and take them to the dog park afterwards - let them run around and wear each other out for a bit.
Okay, I'm off to dive into a big pile of paperwork....

***Oh, and thank you Jeannette for sending the recall list. I did check it - and I specifically didn't pick a crib with a drop down rail because of all the dangers popping up in recent news. I do appreciate the heads up though :)

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Joanna said...

K- it's just beginning. The 'hubs' will take credit for all of the positive baby qualities and you'll be held liable for the less than desirable ones. Hmm....thinking how long it will be until I get an 'anonymous'post on my husband apparently isn't that savvy.