Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy, Busy

There's a crib in my house...
and instead of looking like this:
It now looks like this:
Well, the baby's room is started at least! We finally did what we set out to do over the weekend and painted and sanded our butts off. Okay, hubs painted - I sanded (with a mask, for all you worriers out there...MOM).
Let's see, Saturday morning - I slept in until about 9am, which felt SO GOOD. We got dressed - loaded up the pooch, and headed out for pancakes. You know, hubs and I would have been fine with just a bowl of cereal or something so we could get started on the day already - but the BABY was demanding pancakes...so I sucked it up and accomodated.
We then headed to SLO and hit up the dog park for about an hour so G could burn off some energy. After fully wearing her out, we went to home depot and picked up all the supplies and paint we needed...and then after stopping at coffee bean for a pick-me-up (again, ALL baby's idea) it was back home to get crackin.
We took EVERYTHING out of the room and piled it all in the living room - which basically means, we couldn't even see the tv by the time we were done what with all the crap stacked everywhere. Hubs moved the bookshelf and the desk/changing table outside for me so I could start sanding...and he got started painting the room.
Tiny decided to get comfortable on our bed which was leaning up against the couch in a very awkward position:
Just Chillin
And a few hours later, he was still there...but decided to REALLY relax:

Those back feet just kill me...this is his "don't bother me" face.
Honestly - in my head, I figured sanding would take maybe a couple of hours...not all damn afternoon...but that's exactly how long it took. The bookshelf is one that my dad built when I was about 4 years old - and hadn't been painted since, so it was pretty hammered and the paint on that sucker was THICK. I wasn't trying to get all the paint off - but I wanted to at least have a smooth surface to repaint, you know? I mentioned to my mom how long it took and she goes "oh yeah, that must have been during your dad's enamel paint phase of 1981" - ha! Apparantly he thought enamel paint was the bomb back then...nevermind that it went on like MUD.
Anyway - after sanding and spackling in dents and sanding AGAIN on both peices of furniture - I had to give up for the day and save the painting for Sunday. Hubs was pretty much done in the room - he just had some trimwork to finish up, and the baseboard to touch up as well.
We actually showered and got dressed and went to church Saturday night too, which was impressive for all the work we'd both done...but my parents rewarded us with pie afterwards, so that was cool.
So Sunday morning - we got up and went to the hardware store to pick up a few things we'd forgotten and we picked out some handles and contact paper to line the desk drawers as well.
Got home, and started painting - unfortunately for me, it was super hot that day....but fortunately it at least helped the paint dry quickly, and hubs came out and painted the desk for me - so we got that stuff done faster than expected.
I got this desk second hand from a Poly student when I was in 8th grade and it was supremely beaten up from all the years spent in my bedroom, and then being moved around with me three different times. Here is a before:
aaand after:
It came out much better than I expected...and I've spent the last two evenings installing new handles and lining the entire insides of all the drawers with sage green contact paper. I SUCK at lining things...in fact, so far every time I've moved - I've gotten my mom to come line all my drawers and shelves because she is the master, and I'm terrible. But hubs and I are working our way through Season 1 of the Unit on Netflix, and so it's a good time for me to do tedious stuff like lining drawers, ha! I decided to do all the sides as well as the bottom since I'll be using this as a changing table and will have diapers and things stacked in the drawers.
Here is the bookshelf before:
and after:
This is probably the best picture to show the color we painted the room. It's called Aqua breeze and it's a veeeeery subtle pale blue. I wanted the color to be really light because there is only one window and the room is dark anyway - so this color ended up being perfect, it's not BLUE! it's blue....hahaha.
That chair there is going to be my rocking chair - it's actually an IKEA chair, but it's super comfy and the arms are down low enough to be comfortable for a short person like myself to hold a baby in. The chair pad doesn't exactly match the rest of the room, but I've decided I don't care.
So there you have it - we still have to sand the dresser - which is almost exactly the same honey color as the crib, and then we'll be DONE with the furniture. We're in the process of washing all the bedding - and we have a new bedskirt and bedspread to put on. I also need to wash all the baby clothes and blankets that we have so far and start putting things away. The closet still needs a good sorting out as well. My wedding dress is still in there crammed in a garment bag...never been dry cleaned since I wore it almost SIX YEARS ago. So maybe this week I can actually take it in and have it cleaned and boxed nicely.
At some point during the day on Sunday, I pulled a muscle and had to sit on the balance ball for about an hour because I was in so much pain...that sucked. I keep having to remind myself that I can't just DO all the stuff I want to do - this body doesn't cooperate like it used to - the baby starts complaining after a while. I'm STILL a bit sore and it's Tuesday...so there is much ball sitting going on in my house (if THAT sentence won't get the googlers hoppin, I don't know what will!).
I leave you all with a 28 week picture of my ROUND-AS-CAN-BE belly...I'm continually amazed at what I look like from this angle. The next 12 weeks are going to be interesting to say the least. I might have to take two pictures and put them side by side because I may not be able to fit my entire belly into one picture...just LOOK at how this thing has grown! hahaha
Just for the sake of comparison...this was 24 weeks:


Alison said...

Okay hello belly!

I think it's bigger than last week - what a trip!

Love the furniture and all -it looks like its going to be a very lovely room!

Kelly said...

Wow! You guys are pros at the sanding/painting thing. The desk looks brand new! Great job. I bet it's exciting to get things going. I agree with Alison, hello belly! You're pretty out there for only being 28 weeks. You're sure it's not twins?? ha

Can't wait to see the finished baby room! BTW, the baby always demands things. And when they want it, they want it NOW!

samantha jo campen said...

That desk/changing table looks AMAZING! TOTALLY brand new! And boy do you guys sure know how to pack a lot of stuff into the weekend. Holy jeeze.

And yes, that is a round belly. I will be posting my 28 weeks in the next few days and let me tell ya, I know how you feel.

Joanna said...

oh the hecklers...your belly is a perfect 28 week belly.
The interpreter in my class is one week ahead of you and she's much bigger.
The desk turned out perfect and the color on the walls is excellent.
I can't wait to see the finished room....

Anonymous said...

Once again that hunk of a husband of yours comes to the rescue. I can only dream of having a man like that..rrrrrr(tiger growl)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Wow! Check out that belly! Impressive!

Your re-painting came out awesome!

And, not to freak you out or anything, have you looked into the Simplicity recalls? I don't think the crib you have is listed, but just in case you should make sure. Sorry, the last thing you need is worry.