Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Choice is Made...

Well bedding dilemma is over - and I'm actually...wait for it...excited about getting the room all together now. I PICKED FABRIC!!!
We still have a ton of stuff to do - we never did get started on painting the furniture like I wanted to, and that's a desk, a bookshelf, and a dresser - so that'll be a pretty big project to undertake. Of course it'll be raining cats and dogs this weekend, so it's going to have to wait. But now, all our christmas decorations and gifts are piled in the babies room, waiting to be sorted through and put away. We can't even walk into the room at this point - so while my house is looking extremely clean and organized these days...that one room is like my nemesis. Now that I have a "vision" about what it'll look like though, I'm really excited about getting organized and ready for the baby. (that sentence right there still throws me...holy crap we're having a baby...breathe K!)
So first off, I need to say that I know the colors I picked are more geared for a boy - I still like it - and I feel like if we have a girl, then it'll be pretty easy to girl it up a bit, you know? add some flowers and twinges of girly things. I'm not into pink anyway, so it's not like it would be super girly even if we knew ahead of time.
Anyway - sister in law Carie and I headed to the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay the day after Christmas...because apparantly they have the best quality fabric - AND it's nice because they have everything coordinated by shelf. So if I pick one fabric, they have all different prints also there - but in coordinating colors...which is perfect because I really don't want to walk into the room and see everything all matchy-matchy. I like having different patterns and prints, but in coordinating colors.
I immediately found this striped fabric and just knew that this was what I wanted...
So the stripes will be the bedskirt on the crib...
and then I picked the coordinating polka dots for the bumper pads - and she's going to make ties out of the striped fabric to pull it all together. Also, she's going to make a quilt with one side dots and one side stripes.
So then I picked out this fabric for a curtain...not actually a curtain, but more like just a valence across the top...I'll probably just get some soft sheers or something because there is only one window in that room and with the blinds that are already there - it would be too dark with panel curtains. I didn't actually like this print at first - but the more I look at it, the more I like it...and it'll only be a very small part of the room, otherwise I think it would be too garish.

and then I saw this fabric and really liked it - but I wasn't sure what to do with it because it's pretty Carie suggested making a couple of throw pillows for the chair and the bed (we have a full sized bed in that room that we'll be getting a soft green duvet cover for) so it's not too much, and just little accents. So there it is...I'm excited because I really like it and I think it'll all come together once it's done. It's hard to look at fabric and imagine it in the room...and I really never thought I'd choose such blues and greens, but I surprise myself sometimes. We'll see how it all comes together!
Also - Carie does these awesome diaper bags that she's sold she's going to make me one with a matching changing pad...she told me to pick out any fabric I wanted - and I saw this and HAD to get's totally groovy and very much my style. I actually thought hubs and my mom would hate it - but they both ended up liking it after all. I figured who cares what gender my baby is - I'm the one carrying the bag, so I'm getting what I want! hehe

I'll definately take pictures as it all comes together.
My parents have the cradle all cleaned up and ready for is going to make bumper pads for that too - slowly but surely we're getting ready for this little arrival.
And now, I have a question I want people to weigh in on:

You know how they sell that Dreft laundry detergent at the store? I know that's for babies and you're supposed to be all carefull and wash all the babies clothes seperately and with the special detergent. A big part of me feels like this is just a gimmick and a what "magic age" do you stop using that detergent and just use the regular stuff?
Assuming my kid doesn't have sensitive skin or something - I'm assuming I'm fine with saving pennies and using the same ole, same ole...thoughts? anyone??


Kelly said...

OH! I LOVE the fabrics you've picked! I was out to dinner with Alison tonight and she reminded me you have a blog. Another one to check daily! =)

I'm not sure about the soap issue... I'm using Dreft. It's about the same price as normal detergent. Or I didn't notice it was expensive. I feel like better safe than sorry. I did notice that Aubrey sneezes when I hold her against my clothes. That might be cuz I use Tide on my own clothes.

Good luck! Come visit my blog at: Don't forget to leave a comment. =)

Jeannett Gibson said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Love the colors and the fabrics!

Ok on the dreft: my suggestion is to buy one box of it...wash all your stuff ahead of time with it and use it until it runs out. Newborn skin IS pretty sensitive and when you have all the stress of a new baby, the last thing you need is to be dealing with a rash too!

That said, yes, it's a total gimmick. You can try regular soap by throwing one of the baby's items in with your wash and see how it works out. OR, you can buy fragrance/dye free detergent...there's some at Target...All? Gain? Can't remember, but much cheaper than Dreft.

Joanna said...

looking both ways...stepping out of lurkdom....

My experience with Dreft:
Baby #1 - used it, swore by it
Baby #2 - Dreft, what's Dreft?

I LOVE the blog...been reading for a while (I've even gone back and read past years....)

Love the fabrics...can't wait to see the finished product

samantha jo campen said...

LOVE the fabric. LOVE!

I was on the Dreft fence too. Then I looked at the ingredients and basically it's all dye-free. So we have been using Tide Free and will do that with the baby stuff (or switch to Seventh Generation). That way we're all using the same stuff, but baby clothes can't have fabric softener so that's the only real difference.

But price wise, I think it's more expensive, that's why we're going with Tide or 7th Generation.

Anonymous said...

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