Thursday, January 17, 2008

More random thoughts...

I swear I have the BEST BOSS EVER. Remember how I mentioned that I'll be essentially moving our office to my house, and then the warehouse/tech stuff will be moved to a workshop on my boss's property? Well he's been cleaning out his warehouse and going through stuff - organizing and getting rid of things in preparation for the big move. He came in this morning and said that while he was going through stuff yesterday he found a rocking chair...and his wife insisted that he keep it for me, so that when I come in twice a week - I'll have a place to feed the baby at the "office". So he cleaned it up and set it in a quiet corner where my desk (and probably a playpen) will be for after the baby comes. Seriously you guys, in my emotional state I just wanted to cry when he told me that. How many bosses would DO THAT? Not many I just makes my heart flip flop to know that he and my coworkers are going out of their way to make my life easier. I mean come on...I now have my own rocking chair at work - serious warm fuzzies and appreciation happening over here!
I am a notorious list maker. One of the habits I've gotten into lately is making a daily "to do" list when I first sit down at my desk. I think it must be because I have such severe belly brain that if I don't write it down, I will inevitably not accomplish anything that day simply out of forgetfullness. Sometimes I make one list for work and one for home - or sometimes I combine them, but I just feel better prepared for my day when I have a list going. Now, that's not to say that I complete everything on the list, in fact I think I've only completed an entire list once, haha - BUT, just having everything written down and having my thoughts organized helps me have a plan for the day. I can sometimes be very spontaneous and that plan goes right out the window, but I think that's probably good otherwise I'd be labeled as anal - and honestly, the only thing I think I'm truly anal about is my checkbook. I have to balance my checkbook every day, or my head will explode.
Anyway - I find myself getting ready for work in the morning and finding certain things around the house that need to be done...nothing major...but just stuff I need to remember like watering the plans, or sending off certain bills, or starting the dishwasher, or stopping at the store (which of course involves another list that I have to doublecheck 58926 times because if I don't have my list, I'll go in for cat food and ice and come out with eggs and string cheese). These days my lists are like my lifeline to getting everything ready and feeling better prepared for this big life changing event we're going to be experiencing. I feel like if I do something every day, then I won't be stuck stressing at the end or feeling like I'm not ready....course I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter what I do, I'm still not going to feel completely ready.
Eventually I guess I'll be putting "GIVE BIRTH" on the list...just for the sake of being able to cross it off - ha!

Speaking of is a list of things I've noticed lately about my comfort level:

-I've discovered that I can't sit very comfortably anymore. Sitting on the couch, I'm only good for a few minutes of regular sitting before I end up in the leaned back to make room for the belly position...and even then, I'm still not comfortable and I find myself fidgeting alot or getting up and fussing around the house.
-We have one of those papasan chairs in our living room, and I absolutely cannot sit in that thing if I'm home alone. Hubs has to help me out of that chair, or I'm like a turtle on it's back with legs and arms flailing around.
-In bed, when I need to switch sides, I kind of roll back and forth a couple times just to get up the momentum needed to hoist this belly would think that all this movement would wake up the hubster, but so far he has slept through it every time.
-You know how when you finish a big meal and feel sort of "uncomfortably full" you want to go home and put on your elastic pants? Yeah well, pregnancy gives a WHOLE NEW MEANING to the term uncomfortably full. If I don't eat slowly and give myself a chance to digest before deciding if I'm done, then I seriously regret it later and I swear that my belly has doubled in size and there isn't an elastic pant on this earth that will make me comfortable.
-Shoes with laces are challenging and I usually feel like I need a nap after that particular event.
-Whenever I sneeze, I get this major sharp pain way down low and I end up wincing and bent over cursing (not to mention legs crossed)...hubs swears that I must be scaring the poor kid and it's in there with all four limbs stuck straight out against the inside of my belly going "what the hell was THAT?"
-My cats are pissed because my lap is getting smaller and smaller. In fact just the other day Tweak crawled up on me and then proceeded to flop over on his side like normal, except that there wasn't enough lap left and he rolled off onto the floor and then glared at me and stomped off in a huff.
-Dropping something on the floor is a much bigger deal now than it ever used to be...The other night while cooking dinner, I dropped THREE different spoons on the floor - and just kept getting new ones until hubs came into the kitchen and could pick them up for me. Yes, I AM that lazy.
-The kicks are getting harder and harder, and while I still think it's wierd - I also think it's incredibly cool to be able to sit in one place and watch my belly jump and move on it's own....I think I will really miss that once this baby comes. There is just something about being able to feel that movement - kind of a reassurance that everything is okay in there.
Some pictures I found on my camera....
One morning, I was sitting on the floor putting on my shoes - when I felt a staring, and I looked up and saw this from the top of our dresser:
He looks like he could jump on my face and suck out my eyeballs or something.

This one was during Christmas while I was wrapping stuff - I had set this box out to package some stuff up and looked over and found that Not-So-Tiny had crammed his big butt into this thing...

well this was just the most random post thoughts are all over the place today!


Joanna said...

The sneezing/sharp pain issue is just a friendly forshadowing. See, after the baby comes, you'll be crossing your legs too- not becuase of the pain, but because you'll pee yourself.

I'm quite the list maker myself. I actually write 1-2 things at the top of my list that I've already completed- and promptly cross them off. It makes me feel like I've got some momentum for the rest of the list.

samantha jo campen said...

Yup yup yup and yup to ALL of it. Lists, shoelaces, shrinking lap real estate, the kicks, I've got it all too.

It's all just so crazy isn't it? Damn.