Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Random stuff

Yeah baby...hubs did ALLLLL the laundry yesterday. Now, usually when I say hubs did laundry I mean hubs put clothes in the washer and the dryer and then piled them all on top of our dining table where they remain until all 3 cats have had turns sleeping on our clean warm clothes, thus creating mounds of cat hair and the need to rewash everything. Or he'll pile it all there and suggest "a folding party!", which kinda sucks because it's usually been there for so long that everything is all wrinkled and schmunkled.
But THIS time...he actually folded everything right as it came out of the dryer - AND put everything away in drawers or on hangers. You guys, I'm flabbergasted. I actually for a brief moment thought body snatchers had entered my home.
I recently put this sign up in the laundry room:

My brother recently bought himself one of those new style mini-coopers. It's sort of his "fun" car...since he's got 3 kids, and no chance of the entire family of five fitting into that thing all at once. But he loves it - he's always wanted one, and I guess they decided to go for it. Hubs and I stopped by their house to check out his new wheels and he tossed me the keys and told me to take it for a spin. My older neices (6 and 8 years old) wanted to come with, so they climbed into the back seat, hubs rode shotgun, and I drove off feeling like a total badass chick driver...think Charlize Theron in the Italian Job. That thing was SO FUN TO DRIVE! I drove for a bit, with the girls shouting "go auntie!" in the backseat...and then I begrudgingly pulled over so hubs could have a turn. We were both very impressed at how that little car handles corners and had a total blast driving it. So this Christmas we got a very appropriate onsie for "the bun" from my brother and family:

How cute is that?


For those of you who don't know, my mom is a signpainter - but she also does alot of interior stuff for people, murals and things like that. When my brother and sister in law were pregnant with their 3rd child, they decided to do a theme in the nursery from the book "Guess How Much I Love You?". My mom and Carie looked through the book, and chose a couple of pictures for mom to paint on the walls. I was going through some of my computer pics today and stumbled upon some pictures of the nursery. I'm so amazed at how my mom can just look at a picture and then dictate it onto a wall with a paintbrush. Seriously - she's so talented...and I can't even draw decent stick figures. Check these out:

My brother and his family knew they were going to be at their current house for quite a few years, and they got permission from the landlords to do such a scene on the walls. But in our current position, I would hate for mom to go through all the trouble of painting something on the walls and then risk us finding a house to buy and having to leave it behind. She did paint some wood cut-outs for some people once who were renters and wanted to be able to take it with them...so that sort of thing would be a good option for us. Their son's room had a superman theme, so she did this:
Pretty darn cool.
Sooo...since I've gotten such great advice from all you blog readers in the past, if you were me and you weren't into themes per say...but you had a talented mom who was willing to do a nifty little something or other for the walls of your baby's room - what you have her do? I'm kind of at a loss, and tempted to just let her sit this one out and just help me decorate and get the room together without a specific painting project. But I don't know...any suggestions??


Joanna said...

I'm not into characters (although I do love the book idea)... we had a muralist come in and do a quote above the crib:
"The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams"

She also did some swirls/dragonflies/flowers sparsly around the door and window. It's been their through both girls.

I really wanted something that would grow with them and not be too babyish.

Kelly said...

Something neutral would be good. I love the idea and love the paintings of the book. What talent she has!

BTW, I love the word schmunkled. Very interesting. My new word is snarkaley.. when Aubrey sounds like she's snoring.

Jeannett Gibson said...

I second the quote idea...which can be painted on a piece of wood and taken with you. Otherwise, I think it would look nice to paint the room in something other than just one solid color. Maybe half/half? Make one wall big squares (like I did) or even diamond shapes? Or, paint different sized big circles/bubbles on one wall (behind the crib) in colors that match your fabric?

samantha jo campen said...

I'm all down with quotes. Have her put them on a sign so you can take it with, and in the colors you chose for the nursery. Or wait until the baby is born and you 'know' him/her and THEN pick a quote specific to your child.

Also? Your mom rules!