Monday, January 21, 2008

Time flies

I'm currently 29 weeks along, which just blows my mind. 11 weeks to go...or a little less or a little more - who knows, I think THAT'S the part that freaks me out.
We had our ultrasound on Friday, and everything looks great - the kidneys are fine, no more extra fluid in there. Hubs ended up being able to go, his bosses caved and let him come in a bit we had both my parents and hubs in there - which was pretty funny because the doctor walked in and his eyes got all wide "oh man, I better make sure I do a good job this morning because I've got quite the audience!"
At one point during the ultrasound - he was measuring the baby's head, and he looked at me and goes "allright, who's responsible for this big head?" and we all raised our hands, even my parents...hahaha - he patted me on the arm and said "good luck to ya"
GREAT - so my critter will be sporting a giant noggin, think stretchy thoughts people! haha
Also? the kid does NOT like the ultrasound wand because wherever the doctor went - he'd get kicked and thumped.
He got a pretty good 3D facial picture and let me tell you it's SO WEIRD to see this because our kid has hub's nose and lips to a tee. If I hold the picture up next to his face, the resemblence is unreal.

I keep staring at this picture because I find it so bizarre. That's my KID in there. At what point will this ever seem real? I'm starting to wonder...

Also, that was our last ultrasound - so the next time we see this baby, it'll be HERE.


So Friday morning I piled Georgia into the car, and dropped by my brother's house to pick up Jasper, and my parents ended up bringing their dog Libby to the doctor's office too - so once we were done, mom went to get Libby and she was going to come with me to the dog park, since I had the day off. Well when she opened the door to put Libby in - Jasper hopped out and then Georgia hopped out and then Libby backed herself out of the collar. The next 5 minutes were a calamity of mom and I trying to round up dogs who were STOOOKED to be out of the car and running around a parking lot. I was freaking out because G does not come when I call her and so I have this huge fear that she'll run out into the street and get hit by a car, and Libby lives out in the country - and isn't so good about coming when called either - so mom was trying to round her up - while I'm running around with my big ole belly trying to round up my naughty dog who's just having the time of her life running between offices and cars and soooo not listening to me. Jasper was good and got right back into the car and just watched the scene play out - mom finally grabbed Libby and got HER back in the car...and I finally yelled enough at G that she layed down in the parking lot and let me walk up and grab her. She knew she was busted because I was NOT HAPPY. Mom and I both got in the car and looked at each other and said "what the HELL were we thinking taking 3 dogs to the dog park?" - hahaha

Well, after a stop at Starbucks...we drove all the way out there and they had a blast and came home VERY tired, so it was definately worth it - I just don't know how soon I'll have that bright idea again.


Kelly said...

Those ultra sounds are the best! I wish our Dr. used that kind of machine. I've seen comparisons of the u/s and then when the child is born and they are dead on! Yeap, that's YOUR kid in there. It doesn't seem real until they are home and you are sleep deprived. =) Then it seems real. yeah for you! You're almost there! Uh yeah, no more taking the dogs to the park. That preggo belly of yours does not do well with chasing animals! I'm surprised no one offered to help the pregnant lady catch the dogs.

April said...

This is Joanna's friend April, here to confess to being a lurker! The reason for the confession is to chime in on the big head issue. My husband and I have HUGE heads in our family! When my sixteen month old went to her one year check up the doctor double checked the head measurment that the nurse had done to make sure it was correct (it was). Then he made us come back four weeks later for a re-measure to make sure she wasn't taking on excess fluid around her brain. She wasn't...she just has a head that is in the 125th percentile for her age! If your little one's head is anything like hers, there will be no turtle necks in your childs future :-)

K said...

Kelly - I've been meaning to ask about the sleep deprivation...please lie to me and tell me it's not that bad!

April - thanks for delurking :) So there is hope that our kid won't look like a melon on a toothpick? hehehe - good to know! And you made it through labor in one peice, so there's hope for me as well....whew.

Joanna said...

Yea!, April de-lurked. I promise, although they do have slightly larger than average heads,April's girls are VERY cute (they're on my blog all the time). Your child will look nothing like a melon on a toothpick.

I'll send some strechy thoughts your way (just in case you have a 9.10 pounder like myself)

As for your question to Kelly. Yes, it does suck - but it's TOTALLY WORTH it. It really only sucks for the first 3 weeks. Your internal clock will change. My best piece of advice, is: DON'T LOOK AT THE CLOCK in the middle of the night. It'll just make matters worse.

Ani said...

so...Chris and I were looking at this picture, and it kind of looks like there is another faces right behind your star! Are you sure there aren't two little McCullogh Angels in there??? :o) Love Claytons