Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the hilarity ensues...

Lately, my every day aches and pains have become stronger and more intense...especially when the kid is pushing on a delicate area.
Last night, hubs and I were in bed on our sides facing each other and snuggling with our dog who was sprawled out between us and fast asleep (we always give her 15-20 minutes of cuddles before she has to go to her own bed). Suddenly I got a sharp pain way down low on my left side and I went "oooooohhhh" and my face contorted into my ugly-that-hurts face.
Hubs goes "what's wrong? is it the baby? or do you have to fart?"
which made me laugh out loud mid-moan and wake up the dog. "The hell? Did you just ask if I had to FART?" hahaha
and he goes "well! the pain face is very similiar to the I've-gotta-fart face"

Now that I know that, it's gonna be real easy to fake a baby kick pain and cropdust him as I leave the room...hee!


Kelly said...

You're hilarious!

Joanna said...

Man...I check everyday for a week, miss a day- and now I've got 3 new posts to read.
I'm glad to hear that Samantha and baby are doing well (I'm looking for a link to her blog and cant' find it....My fav blog is Ali Edwards, so surely I must like Samantha too :)
I think that birth being likened to a "slobbery saint bernard trying to squeeze itself through a doggie door" is the best thing I've read in a long time.
As for the pain, I'm with you- I had my eyes closed for Paige's entire delivery.