Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally it's Friday...

Soooo - KELLY seems to think we're having a boy! Anyone else? Thoughts? Opinions? Wagers?
People seem to think that I should have some sort of "sixth sense" about what I'm having, but I honestly have no idea. I'd say more often than not, I think it's a boy - but that could just be wishful thinking because we've got so many girls in our family already. There are times when I would swear it's a boy...and other times when I just know it's gonna be a girl. I truly have no idea. I have to say, even as difficult as it makes the whole shopping experience and nursery decorating thing - I'm kinda liking the fact that we don't know. It's like I have my own little surprise in there.
So yesterday was Valentines occasion I am not big on. The plan was to just get a Klondike pizza (best EVER) and settle in on the couch with a good movie and a cat or two. Hubs came home with some Lily's for me which was very sweet and unexpected, and told me he wants to treat my mom and I to manicures and bonding time before the critter comes. I may just be trading that in for a pedicure because reaching the feet these days is NOT happening, and I'd love to have fancy toes for the hospital.
We eagerly put in the movie we had...Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller...and dug into our yummy pizza and ended up with Tiny snuggled between us and Georgia doing the big sad brown eyes thing so we'd give her little bits of pizza, and after about 30 minutes, we realized how much that movie was sucking hard. We did watch the whole thing - but honestly? I want my hour and a half back. What wingnut on Netflix gave that movie 4 stars??? It was terrible. Not even the gag reel at the end was funny.
So movie night was kind of a bust - thank goodness the pizza was still the best ever.
and that was our Valentines - all in all, it was nice to snuggle on the sofa with hubs because I drank SO MUCH WATER yesterday you guys. I made myself miserable - but the kid was moving around like cuh-razy, much more than normal, so maybe it's working and I'm creating more space in there.

I was doing dishes yesterday when I got home and I had the radio on a cheesy 80's station. I was thinking about some of the things I've been reading online about turning a breech baby and one of the things is visualization. I'm supposed to really think about and envision this baby turning around and getting into position. So I'm doing my thing and scrubbing the dishes, and singing along to the radio - when suddenly it struck me what I was singing. I stopped dead in my tracks because it was totally meant to be my mantra for the next 7 weeks! Anyone who's seen the Wedding Singer should know this song....check it out...

And I, I've got to have my way now, baby
All I know is that to me
You look like you're having fun
Open up your loving arms
Watch,out here I come

You spin me right round, baby right round
like a record, baby
Right round round round

You spin me right round, baby right round
like a record, baby
Right round round round

I got to be your friend now, baby
And I would like to move in a little bit closer
All I know is that to me
You look like you're lots of fun
Open up your loving arms
Watch out, here I come

Hahahaha, I was cracking myself up yesterday singing this song - now I just need to play it down low on my belly and see if I can get the kid to try to follow the music.
Speaking of which, some of the suggestions on midwife message boards and from Amanda's mom who is a Doula - have been veeery interesting:

-Drinking tons of water of course
-Laying on a slantboard or propping my hips up with pillows so my head is 40 degrees lower than my feet
-Playing soft music way down low on my belly
-Playing loud annoying music way up high on my belly
-Shining a flashlight at the top of my belly and continuously moving it down low
-Squatting nekid over a flashlight, or sleeping with a flashlight aimed low...hahaha!
-Having hubs talk in loud, but soothing tones way down low telling the baby to "turn around" (or you're grounded)
-a type of acupunture called Moxibustion...I actually called someone about doing this, but it's $125 for the first session - so I decided to give all the easier stuff a shot first.
-A chiropractic technique called "the Webster technique"..I have yet to find anyone local who knows how to do this
-Plaster pictures of "head down" babies all over my house
-Doing somersaults in the water
-Diving towards the bottom of the pool several times
-Walking on my hands in a swimming pool
-Putting an icepack at the top of my belly..since apparantly babies in utero don't like to be cold
-Elephant walking...which means walking on all fours like Mowgli from the Jungle Book - apparantly this helps get the baby out of the pelvis. I'm not sure if this position is even possible for me since I can hardly even tie my own shoes, but I have a feeling hubs would like to be around when I give this one a try...haha

Most of the above sound pretty easy (although I doubt I'll be squatting nekkid over a flashlight, that's not GOOD nekkid) - and honestly, I can't WAIT to get into a pool of water and feel weightless. It's not going to be pretty squeezing this body of mine into a maternity suit - but floating in the water sounds like heaven right about now. I'm having one of those days where everything just feels tight and uncomfortable and huge, and I'm bumping into things and lumbering around like a Sasquatch.
It was cooold this morning, but I still didn't have the energy to put on actual SHOES, so I've got my sad little bare feet in sandals aimed at a space heater in my office. ha! I should count my blessings though that I didn't have to experience summertime in this condition or I'd be bitching up a storm.

I'll leave you all today with evidence of Tiny and Jackson snuggling...seriously, are these guys brothers or WHAT?

Happy Friday everyone!

**By the way - for Joanna...You should be able to click on Samantha's name for her blog - but it's here you go:

I confess I have no idea who Ali Edwards is...

***updated to add - oddly enough, I just went and clicked on Ali Edwards blog...and she mentions the Serenity Now part from Seinfeld (hence the title of my blog) - too funny!


Alison said...

... I only know this Ali person because I clicked on her blog and stole something from it... actually she says to steal it, so I'm just following directions, apparently.

Yay for swimming - I'll happily "spot" you while you walk around on your hands... and take photos - let me know if you want a water buddy. We should hit up SLO Swim - since that water is so damn cold.

So many things to comment on - I'll email the rest.

We still need an IRL with kelly, joanna, you... me - maybe this weekend?

Kelly said...

Yeap, I think it's a boy. Oh, I'd love to get together with you guys soon. I just love reading your blog. Somehow you always make me laugh. Happy Friday to you. Sorry you're feeling miserable today. The pool will heaven to you. I loved my "Aqua fitness" class when I was preggo. Try stretching in the water while you're there. That is the best!

*aron* said...

ok since i am now an "official" blogger with one all my own i have to leave a comment and not just email you everything i think :) because now i know how exciting the comments are! hehe

i have NO idea what you are having either... everyone i know who is preggers or just had a baby had a boy - so will you fit in or break the mold?? we will see in just over FIFTY days!

i love your cats... my kitties def have their eyes on those handsome boys :)

and i am dying laughing because now that song is playing over and over in my head... i heart wedding singer!! and that is the MOST perfect song ever!

samantha jo campen said...

I don't have a sense as to what you're having, but I HOPE it's a boy, just so we can be the same and talk penises when they're born :-)

Joanna said...

Hmm.. I don't really have an inclination either way. But it seems as if you're leaning towards boy, so I'll venture a boy guess (unfortunately..I won't be able to 'talk penises with you')

Thanks for the link to Samantha's blog. Woo-wee she's a popular one (looking at the comment count) When I have some more free time I'll have to read up on hers.

As for Ali Edwards, I totally laughed the other day when she referenced Seinfeld. I had no idea 'serenity now' was from that show. I happen to be one of the few people that didn't quite 'get' Seinfeld.

Amanda said...

You should squat over that 1 million candle flashlight your dad has =)
Oh, and, it's a boy!
Thanks for a fun weekend - love you guys.