Friday, February 29, 2008

Turn, turn, turn

To everything....turn, turn, turn
There is a season...turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under Heaven

(Sung by The Byrds - 1965...adapted from the bible)


Who knows if it's the swimming that did it...but I find it an odd coincidence that I went swimming - and woke up with all that pain and movement early the next morning. Doc says that's most likely when it happened, if that's the most pain I've felt recently.
So I'm sending praise to the treehuggers because they sure know what they're doing!
I'm relieved...I know I still could end up having a c-section - and I can't predict at ALL how labor will be, but I was kinda bummed at the thought of facing a c-section so early on....and I desperately wanted the kid to be in the right position at least. So WHEW!
I'm almost 35 weeks - and veeeery uncomfortable - but happy that the critter is cooperating. Cook away little critter! Time to fatten up, I love me some chubby babies.

I decided to go swimming again on Wednesday, mainly because it felt so good just to be in the somersaults this time though :)
Anyway - I walked into the pool, and a different instructor for water aerobics was there and she saw me and said "oh my gosh! Are you the pregnant lady who was doing flips in the pool????"
and I laughed and said "yup..that's me...and WORKED!"
She couldn't believe it. She said I looked like I was going to have this baby any second - so I'm taking this to mean that in my maternity suit, I must look like I'm about 15 months pregnant...hahaha.

My shower is tomorrow - which I'm a wee bit anxious about. I never do very well being the center of attention at things like I've convinced hubs to be there and hang out with all "the ladies" just so I don't feel SO MUCH like it's all about me. Course, I know it's more all about the baby - but the baby's not here it's me by association. I feel really honored by all the people who are coming, and I feel LOVED that's for sure. I'm just a bit nervous at the same time. I'm sure it'll go away once I see all my friends and loved ones and realize that I'm just crazy in the head and I can relax and have a good time.

I'm still swamped at work - so I just wanted to pop on and let you all know the good news!
Have a great weekend everyone :)


Alison said...

Yay an update!!

Rebekah from the pool is a wing-nut, she cracks me up.

Glad to see an update - I was about to nastygram you.


*aron* said...

yayyyy so exciting :) good job baby!

have so much fun tomorrow! cant wait to hear ALL about it!

*aron* said...

oh and good job mom for those summersaults!

April said...

I am guessing the lady at the pool has never been pregnant, otherwise she would know not to go on and on about your look. Who cares! Especially if it worked! You will have fun at the shower. It makes it seem real. I remember opening up one of the gifts at my shower and looking at these tiny little outfits and getting all choked up b/c all of a sudden, in that moment, it hit me that soon somebody would be wearing that stuff :-)

Kelly said...

The baby flipping is the best news! Great job with all the suggestions. I'd continue to drink tons of water too! Have fun at the shower. =) I'm with you about being the center of attention... it's a little nerve racking. Good luck!