Monday, February 04, 2008

Catch up time

Well wasn't I surprised this morning to find out that Samantha is in the hospital with contractions. Please send good thoughts and prayers her way - we are exactly the same weeks pregnant and that baby boy needs to stay put for a little while longer!

Seriously, it's things like this that kinda freak me out. I hear about other people who go into labor early (like right around where I am now) and all I can think is "I'm not ready...I don't even have any clothes washed - the dresser's not finished!! it's too soon!! the baby's not done cooking yet!!". I know, I know...everything will happen as it's supposed to, but I'm feeling that need to be prepared and have everything ready. Guess I better get crackin just in case. Hubs is ready for me to have a bag packed and everything...I think the size of my belly is freaking him out and he's not sure how long this kid is going to stay put. ha!
We went and registered this weekend which wasn't as horrible of an experience as I'd imagined. Hubs loosened up his dancing skills before entering the store and I swore to myself that I would not cry or get overly's just STUFF. Luckily, since I'd pre-registered online (can't remember who suggested that, but THANK YOU lifesaver!) it was pretty painless to get started. Our first order of business was to check out strollers and car seats, since we figured that would be the most time consuming decision. I had my sister in law's voice in my head telling me all the things to look for in a good stroller, and since I really want one that comes with the car seat that attaches, we took all the ones we liked off the shelf and wheeled em around and took them apart and folded them up and did a thorough dry run with each one. We settled on OF COURSE what I think was probably the most expensive one there...but definately our favorite out of all of them. I think it was $249 or something like that, so all in all, not too bad considering it comes with everything we need for both carseat and stroller.
Hubs wanted to register for a jogging stroller too just for kicks and we found a Jeep one with a front wheel that turns which is nice because I hate how those jogging strollers don't turn for crap.
Anyway - once we got those biggies out of the way, and settled on a pack and play that was simple enough for us, everything else was just details. Hubs was beep-beep-beeping his way throughout the store, so I had to get online once we got home and approve or delete a bunch of stuff...hahaha. We really didn't register for any clothes because they had like one rack of neutral items and everything else was gender specific. The place was pretty packed with people, so we moved pretty quickly and hightailed it out of there before I had an anxiety attack. The lady at the register desk gave me a hard time and said most people's registries are much longer...but oh well. I already have a bunch of stuff, and I prefer to keep things simple. They also gave us a gift box with a bottle, a pacifier and a diaper inside....dude, the diaper was TINY!!!! I couldn't believe it, I guess my neices were only that small for such a short period of time that I forgot how little those newborn diapers are. Hubs's family gave us some outfits and onsies at Christmas that I've decided I will be keeping in the package until the critter arrives because they are for 5-8lbs. and I have a distinct feeling that our kid could easily be almost or above 8 pounds if I go full term.
Anyway, after registering, we headed to Red Robin's for dinner (hello garlic parmesan fries...I missed you) and then walked over to Sears to check out lawn mowers. We found one on clearance that was perfect, so we snatched it up and felt like we had a very productive Saturday.

Yesterday, I slept in late...and then we eventually headed up to my parents house for lunch and to meet with family friends from out of town. They had their dog Molly with them (which coincidentally is the name we've chosen if we have a girl) and we had brought Georgia with us, so she got a good run in the muddy countryside.
Then it was home to watch the Superbowl. I realized at around 2pm yesterday that I hadn't felt the baby move all day. I started paying more attention and trying not to freak out...and then at around 4:30pm I drank a Dr. Pepper to see if that would get things moving and finally around 5pm I felt some thumps and bumps and RELIEF. I swear, we pregnant women can freak ourselves out so easily.
Everything was fine and dandy until 4am this morning when I woke up from some MAD kicking going on in there...something was going on, a disco party maybe? Anyway - I laid there wide awake hoping the kid was going to stay contained because it sure felt like it could claws it's way right out, and my brain was buzzing with all the things we still have to do to get ready for this adventure. I finally got up at 6:30am and hopped into a long hot shower which is when the critter promptly fell asleep. hahaha!
Nobody warned me that sleep deprivation starts BEFORE the arrival of the actual baby.
Our kid must be quite the partier because as I type, we've got another dance marathon going on. I've had alot of people tell me that I should pay attention to when the baby is awake because it'll probably be on the same schedule once it's out. Very interesting. Anyone feel like chatting at 4am? hehee

In other news...last weekend we put an offer in on two houses - one in Nipomo and one in Grover Beach. Lost both of them, which we kinda figured we would. But yesterday a new listing popped up in an older neighborhood of Arroyo Grande, so I'm super excited to go see that one tonight. The house doesn't look like much, but it has a massive plenty of room to expand. Mainly we just need to make sure the house itself is liveable before putting in an offer. There's alot of things I can live with, but some things I definately can't - so I'm trying to stay open minded and not be too picky. Especially when it comes to a house in a neighborhood that we like.
Are we positively insane to still be looking for a house to buy with this kid on it's way?? Sometimes I think we are...*sigh*'s all or nuthin with us it seems.


Joanna said...

I'm thinking about Samantha- keep us posted.

Glad to hear you got the registering done. I was at Babies R Us this weekend buying stuff for 2 upcoming showers- It's SO nice that they finally have one in SM.
Glad to hear the big stuff is outta the it's time for the little stuff (tucks wipes, boob/butt cream, boob pads...all the fun stuff :)

April said...

Don't forget to take your own maxi pads to the hospital. You won't believe what they provide you with! And I highly recommend taking a pair of flip flops for the shower. Once you see all of the stuff that gets washed away during your first shower (and think of how many women have stood there before you) you will be glad not to be standing in the shower with bare feet. I must confess though that I do have issues with germs. I also have issues with bare feet. I always wear slippers. As I left the hospital room this last time I took off my slippers, put on my shoes, and as I walked out, I threw the slippers I had been wearing the last two days into the trash :-)

Kelly said...

Ahhh.. 4am is when my girls thought my belly was their personal playground. Dude, I'm awake at 4am daily... I could chat with you! Registering is supposed to be fun, but they are TOO many choices! Glad you got it done. So, how about a new belly shot?

Nalla said...

OK, so it's not true - I asked my dr. about that very same thing, whether his kicking and antics coincided with his schedule once he's born, and she said no - it's just that you notice it more at night, or in the middle of the night b/c you're more calm and relaxed. Besides, Caleb was super active at night, and when he was born, he couldn't have BEEN more mellow. =) So there's still hope. ;)

Amanda said...

Hey, you woke him up with Dr. Pepper so he woke you up at 4am! He's (or she's) already up for playing tricks on Mommy.

Anonymous said...

I agree - when's the new photo of the belly going up?