Monday, February 25, 2008

Party Animals

****Warning...up ahead there are pictures of a very white and very massive belly...if you do not think you can handle these pictures - or are worried that these pictures will be forever burned into your retinas, then please...don't look***
Okay - so...let's say it's Saturday night. You've spent the day running errands and doing little tasks around the house. You are now snuggled in your comfy pajamas on the sofa, it's raining and windy, there is a fire in the fireplace, there is a movie playing on your tv - and then you get a wild hair and bust out the washable markers and let hubs "get creative" on the giant white canvas that has become your belly.
Behold - our last name is revealed:

What is UP with the clown nose weirdness happening with my belly button anyway? It's all stretched out and narrow. I wonder if it'll ever turn into an outie?

Yes, yes we're party animals - what did YOU do with your Saturday night?


*aron* said...

haha i LOVE it!!! what a perfect sat night :) he is quite the artist!

samantha jo campen said...

He TOTALLY tagged you all graffiti-style! AWESOME.

Um, Saturday? Layed around the house (surpirse!) and Bryan was knocked out on NyQuill.

See? We're party animals too.

Joanna said...

LOVE IT! My belly-b is such an EXTREME innie, that it never did pop-out.
Saturday night I went and saw Juno, TOTALLY worth it. If you think you can handle sitting through a movie at the theater, it's a must see.
BTW, I'm waiting on pins and needles for the latest birthing class update.

April said...

My B button never popped either. Your belly looks really good. I don't see a single stretch mark! My hubby and I went to one of the local Indian gaming casino's. It was my girlfriends birthday. We were the only ones there with kids to get back to (translation...we left by 10:30 and they all planned to stay until the wee hours of the morning). It was interesting to remember that former life and realize that we don't miss it. By the way...I met Alison on Friday. Maybe I will get to meet you one of these days too :-)

Kelly said...

Hubs is an artist! Maybe a former tagger? hee hee

Your belly looks great. What a fun evening you had. Sat night... ummmm... sleeping. We napped the night away. Very exciting around here too.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Ok, that is FUNNY! And what's up with the homey-G tagging?! Hello?! :)