Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick recap...

Okay - so I've discovered that if you take the internet away from me for a few days...I not only feel completely cut off from the world, but I also get backlogged on things to blog about and then I don't know WHERE to start, so I neglect and ignore and put off until I have to write a freaking novel to fill in what I've been doing in the meantime.
So let's see, I suppose I should begin by letting everyone know that Samantha is indeed back at home after a 2nd trip to the hospital. She's doing okay...trying to show her uterus who's boss, but also battling a cold, and bedrest - so it kinda sucks to be her right now, but thank GOD baby boy is still in utero and doing well :) I feel a kinship with her since we're the same weeks pregnant, and lemme tell you - she is a TROOPER because I would have freaked the hell out if it were me, and she's taking everything in stride.
I should also explain that we had some DSL issues at work - and at home everything was disconnected because hubs and I spent last weekend moving stuff around in our home office to be more accomodating for me once I'm working from home. We went on a search for a new desk as the one we had was from IKEA and super small. I need something with plenty of desk space, but also enough room for a multifunction copier/printer/fax...and of course drawers - but also something that wouldn't take up too much space since that room is somewhat small. Behold my new desk:I'll have to take a better picture once we get the wires all organized and everything in it's place - but for now, I love it, and it fits perfectly. We got this leather couch free from a coworker of hubs (score!) and with the desk and the kinda takes this room from a cluttered home office/library feel to an office/therapy session feel:
hee! Perhaps if we ever need extra income...I can rent out some couch space and an ear for listening :) We moved our bookshelves to another wall, and I really like the end result...the room feels bigger somehow. We put all our books back nicely, but we still have alot of baskets and boxes of miscellaneous crap to deal with. What IS it with the miscellaneous crap anyway? Where does that stuff come from?

The office is coming together! Now I need to get back into that baby's room that I've been neglecting. I still have to finish the dresser, go through the closet, wash baby clothes and put stuff away.
I also need to write episode 2 of birthing class stories...(we missed last night's class because hubs was sick) it's probably good I've had a week to process things in my head though - otherwise my entire post about that class would just be one long terrified scream. I'll try to write about it tonight for tomorrow's posting.
Hubs taught Georgia how to shake...and while some people would think seeing two grown adults jump around and giggle themselves silly over something like that is completely lame - we can't help ourselves. If we get this excited over a pawshake...imagine the party we'll be throwing when our kid takes a crap on the toilet for the first time!
We didn't get either house we put an offer in on...and we found another one in AG that we looooooved - the house itself was EH - but oh how perfect the location and lot size were. We submitted an offer first thing the next morning and didn't get that one either. Then, the Grover Beach house we'd submitted an offer on came back up for grabs - so we resubmitted a higher offer and still didn't get it. So now we're 0 for 6 as far as offers go...and back to square one. I made hubs promise me that we'd take it easy on the house hunting until after this kid comes though - because between trying to get loose ends tied up at work, and preparing for a baby at home, not to mention the actual COOKING of the baby, I can't handle anymore paperwork/house buying stress right now. It's a frustrating and emotional experience...and I like where we are currently, so I feel like we don't need to be in a rush. That's not to say we're not keeping our eyes peeled for a good deal - but hubs can be a wee bit overzealous when he gets an idea into his head (I call him "instant-gratification man") so I sometimes have to put the brakes on and remind him to think about things practically and not spend every hour on the computer looking at real estate.
Pregnancy wise I am just over 32 weeks along now, and I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Everything is fine with me - but our little McNuggett in there is being seriously STUBBORN. Doc says the baby is still in a breech position...actually what's called a "frank breech" position. Basically, the butt is nestled where the head should be and the legs are smooshed up kinda like if it were doing a cannon ball into a swimming pool. Apparantly, more often then not - whatever position the baby is in at 32 weeks, it's most likely to stay there....but I'm still hanging on to hope that this kid will turn. If it doesn't, I have two options:

Option 1 - C-section...which isn't the worst thing - I just hate the idea of having to be in the hospital longer than 24 hours (not a fan of the hospitals...nope), and the recovery time being longer just sucks. BUT - my baby is healthy and whatever I have to do to get this kid out safely, I will do.

Option 2 - A procedure called a "version"...which basically means I go to the hospital, they give me drugs to relax all my girly parts - and they manipulate the baby by hand. It involves alot of poking and prodding and nudging and is apparantly very uncomfortable and not always successful. Plus, it carries a risk of bringing on pre-term labor, or rupturing membranes...and of course the kid could always go right back to it's favored position. Neither of these options appeal to me - but I honestly think I would rather leave well enough alone and end up with a c-section than go through that procedure.

In the meantime - the kid has been officially put into a "time-out" for not cooperating, hehe.

I'm also going to go look up every hippie/granola/midwifey way of getting a baby to turn on it's own because I'd love to avoid a c-section if at all possible. Think hanging upside down like a bat would help??

Oh yes, and as requested - here is a Belly Pic - 32 weeks:


Kelly said...

I was getting worried about you! =) Glad to hear all is well with you and the bun. Oh man, good luck with the bun turning. I vote for hanging upside down! =) Yeah, after about 2 days the hospital gets really old quick. If they would let you sleep, it wouldn't be so bad but they wake you up every hour! Ugh! BTW, Thanks for the belly pic. You look great!

Oh man... the house hunting. I'm pretty sure buying a house is one of THE most stressful things you'll do in your lifetime. I agree, just let it go. If it happens, it happens. You don't need that extra stress right now.

I don't know Samantha, but just briefly clicked on her blog. Her first favorite is Ali Edwards. I like her already. =) Hee hee I'm glad things have slowed down and her baby is still hanging out cooking.

Take care of yourself! You did a lot over this past week. Love the office.

samantha jo campen said...

I had no idea about the breech thing. Well, my kid is on his side so does that mean he won't change? He moves around enough I'm sure he's covered every birth position known to man in about five minutes!

If I go full term, and if he's as big as they estimate, I'll need a c-section because I'm not delivering a 10.5 pound baby! Too many complications! And really, I'm with you. The recovery would suck more but if he's healthy and I'm healthy what difference does it make? Plus I've already experienced contractions, so I'd have both covered! :-)

LOVE the desk and the sofa. Score. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery once it's done. I LOVE nursery photos. And as a bit of incentive, I have nothing to do BUT look at nursery photos. So I'll be impatiently waiting over here on the couch.