Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I met Alison at the pool last night and after shocking all the water aerobics ladies with my ginormous belly ("Oh my gosh! Are you having TWINS? uhhhh - nope....") I climbed into that warm water and lemme tell you - it was HEAVEN. Floating around and feeling weightless was the best feeling ever. *SIGH* I wanna go back!
For once, I didn't feel like I have a 30 pound backpack strapped to the front of me, and it was lovely. I could have bobbed around on a pool noodle forever, but Alison was very good about keeping me on task and trying out all the different things I was supposed to do:

#1 - Walking on my yeah - I've got the sideways thing down, but for some reason I can't get this body of mine to go forward underwater, very strange.

#2 - Somersaults...I think I'm too old for this because I did one and got hella dizzy. I tried another one and decided I should stop to avoid puking in the pool. Didn't like this one at all.

#3 - Diving to the bottom several times....this was fine and the easiest one to do.

I kept putting my hands on my lower belly and trying to nudge the kid out of my pelvis. I think our critter must have been zoning out in there because I didn't feel much movement at all the entire time I was in the pool.
We did get the excitement of swimming with a nutty guy who immediately reminded me of the Numa Numa kid. I swear, the minute he jumped into the pool with his OWN kickboard, flippers and goggles...I had that song running through my head. Mayiyaaaaheeeee!! Mayiyaaaahoooooo!
Seriously, we got some good giggles out of watching this guy because not only did he have all his gear, but he was talking to himself pretty much the whole time. Being an indoor pool, everything echoes, so it was very plain and clear that this kid was having conversations with his imaginary friend or something. At times we would look over and see two tree trunk legs sticking out of the water. Not sure if he was also trying to turn a baby or what - but I guess he decided that handstands were fun?
We proceeded to just swim laps back and forth with kickboards and it was very relaxing, but also a good workout because when I got out of the pool, not only was I starving - but after going home and showering, I was R-E-L-A-X-E-D.

Now, everyone tells me that I'll KNOW when this baby turns because it's supposed to hurt like hell. Which sucks, but bring it on - cause I'd really like this kid to turn around.
So nothing really happened last night, but I woke up at about 2:15am with a very sharp and severe pain in my belly and the kid was moving and groovin in there, I swear it felt like a giant squid pushing it's giant tenticles around in my belly. I kept getting sharp pains for about 5 minutes and then all was quiet on the southern I went back to sleep. I honestly have NO IDEA if the kid turned though - I really can't tell - it's quite possible that it was just moving around and I've got wishful thinking. But hey, visualization right? I guess I'll find out for sure next week at my appointment.
I'd really like to keep going swimming because it felt so darn good - and can only be beneficial for me towards the end of this pregnancy when everything feels so incredibly heavy.

and NO - there will be no maternity swimsuit pictures because you would all run around in circles screaming "my eyes! my eyes!". Poor Alison was shocked when she saw me and claimed my belly pictures don't do ANY justice whatsoever to the actual size in person. It scares me to think that the kid is probably going to double in size at this point....I think during those last few weeks, I'll be seriously tempted to go buy a muumuu and spend the rest of this pregnancy on the couch eating cheese danish and watching Celebrity Rehab.


Alison said...

can I just copy and paste your post on to my blog? Cause really I couldnt have said it better. I keep thinking of the video coupled with "this pool is about half the size of blah blah blah" and the tree trunks!

I loved the suit though and I don't think the top is dangerous!

samantha Jo Campen said...

OOOOH! Swimming sounds like fun! The weightlessness would be so yummy right now. Sigh.

I attemped to take a bath the first day home from the hospital to 'relax' me since I was still contracting. Um, nothing relaxing about that at all. I mean sure, the water felt great for about 3 minutes, but then my belly which was sticking out of the water a good five inches got really cold! And I felt like a beached whale! So a whole pool full of water sounds like heaven. Glad you were able to go!

Kelly said...

Glad you enjoyed the swim. I loved going to the pool twice a week... that feeling is wonderful when the belly is so big. I think you should continue to go. Don't worry... we won't ask for a picture. Just keep the stories coming!