Friday, October 31, 2008


My little wise one...and his cohorts!
"What in the hell happened to my arms?"
I am laughing...he is not.
Uh, dude - your ears are crooked. By the way - tonight, the stroller was not called a stroller, but rather referred to as The Hoverpod.
"Wait, Uncle AJ, how come YOU'RE not wearing a funny hat - NO FAIR!!?!?!?!"
Little Miss Gracie the Bumblebee...
Abby the Pirate....or as she'll correct you - the GIRL pirate! (please note, costume was made by my sister in law Carie - insane!)
We made her brandish her sword for the full effect...
Keeley the Zebra...another costume made by Carie
And as I was sitting down keeping an eye on everyone's stash - I noticed she'd actually made individual treat buckets for the girls. How she has the time being a mother of three, I have no idea - I only have one kid and I can't even manage to brush my hair every day...
Thus ends our first Halloween night as a family of three. It was totally fun, and I always love checking out other people's costumes. Such creativity out there, I'm always very impressed!
Happy Halloween everyone :)


Joanna said...

Your little guy is seriously the cutest little yoda ever seen (not to mention his totally perfect hoverpod :)It totatally fits him.

I love Cari's treat buckets, those are so perfect. The little pirate one is my favorite. Last night I must have hit refresh on your blog 10 times to see if you'd posted, so glad to see the little man and his costume this morning.

*ps. sending you big back-pats for completing boot camp: 'way to go mama!"

Anonymous said...

HE IS SO CUTE!!!! i love the Yoda!! :o)
the girls are adorable too.. Carie is super mom!
A3 xoxo

N.D. said...

Soooo cute!!! Carie is creative, that's fun she made the treat buckets & costume. I think my kids will have a plastic bag !!! or my mouth to hold their candy!!

Kelly said...

Freaking cute! He makes the BEST Yoda! I'm glad you guys had a great Halloween as a family.

Love your sil's costumes. She did a GREAT job!

Kim and Brian said...

Thanks for the Kind thoughts!!!
We are loving our new family life.
Kim and I were looking through my old baby book and pics my mom brought up. Lots of cute pics of me, you, your big bro and Ryan when we were just little tikes.
You little guy is adorable
See ya

samantha jo campen said...

He's the cutest damn Yoda I have ever seen OMG.