Friday, October 17, 2008


When I was a babysitting teenager, the rule was to put a sleeping baby on their stomach. Nowadays it's ALL about babies sleeping on their back. As a new mom, the fear of SIDS is ever present in my mind, and everything you read/watch/hear will instill this sense of paranoia about almost everything sleeping related. Bumper pads, stuffed animals and even blankets are the root of all things evil for a sleeping baby...and of course, ALWAYS make sure your baby is sleeping on their back.
Well I still have bumper pads on the crib...the breathable ones...and I still use a blanket on him because we live in a freezing old house with no insulation...but what's freaking me out is that my kid has shown a distinct preference for stomach sleeping. From the very beginning, he wanted to roll onto his side, and he's always grabbed blankets or clothing and buried his face in them. On the few occasions he's fallen asleep on the couch, he turns towards the cushions and rubs and buries his face before falling asleep.
Hubs and I have been probably a bit overly paranoid about SIDS. The first night we had him home - hubs had the video monitor camera about 2 inches from his face so he could see if he was breathing...haha. But I'm right there with him - we live by the angel care monitor, and I don't know what I'd do without a video monitor. Sometimes I think all this high tech convenience stuff can breed paranoia and make all our fears worse.
But now, it's ten fold because no matter what we do - Adam rolls onto his stomach to sleep. I've gotten up countless times and flipped him over...we've used a sleep positioner (he rolls OVER it) matter what he wants to sleep on his stomach. And he sleeps so WELL - his power naps are gone, and he snoozes in his crib like a champ. Of course I have the angel care on and the video camera thing with me at all times...but it still freaks me out.

I've read that as long as they are rolling over on their own, it's not dangerous - and he can roll over, but he hasn't learned how to roll onto his back yet...he can get over, but not back to where he started. Should I be worried about this?
I'm just wondering how spastic I have to be about this whole stomach sleeping issue....thoughts? anyone?


Jeannett Gibson said...

I wouldn't worry about it. First of all, they don't REALLY know what causes SIDS. It's really just a guess. But remember, Adam can hold his head up so he probably wouldn't suffocate anyway. Besides, isn't it past the SIDS window (for the most part) anyway?

2boymommy said...

My 4 month old will only sleep through the night if he is on his stomach! Your little one if fine. I was paranoid at first, but if he's big enough to move his head from side to side and roll over, I wouldn't worry about it. =) I know what you mean though.... nowadays you are an awful parent if your baby isn't on their back.

Anonymous said...

I may not be the best to give advice, but I was never that worried about it. esp after we got the video monitor, it made a world of difference on my paranoia. Since he can roll over (even if it is just the one way) and hold his head up, I wouldn't worry too much. I mean, obviously you will still have the thought in the back of your head, and you aren't out of the question being worried about it! All moms are worried about it! L used to roll over on his own OVER the positioner too, it would drive me nuts. Now he rolls like a maniac all throughout the night so a blanket doesn't do any good and I keep it out all together.

N.D. said...

Oh gosh, that's scary, I don't even know since I'll be a new mom and I'm not even there yet! I just read about the bumper pads being a no-no and I had picked out a cute pooh one! So it sounds like there are ones that you can breathe through, I will have to find those ones. Good luck, sorry I have no advice!

April said...

I am behind on my blog-stalking so I must first say that I LOVE the belt!

About the sleeping...don't worry about it. I had crib bumpers for both of my kids and my first born would jam her face right into the corner of the bumpers and wrap her arms/legs around it to sleep. When I started giving her a blanket she would (and still does) sleep with it over her whole head. Even though I do the same thing I must admit it freaked me out a little at first. But by the time the kiddos can roll over I think the sleeping position is fair game. My advice is to keep using the monitor and let him go for it on his tummy :-)

samantha jo campen said...

I was a freak until he started doing the EXACT things Adam is doing and now I ONLY put him to sleep on his tummy. Sleeps like a champ ALWAYS. Plus easy access to his thumb AND gets the pressure off the back of his head. I was nervous at first but we're all good now because he rolls and turns like crazy in the crib so I don't fear him rebreathing air. Plus breatheable bumpers too. Tummy away!!!!

Kelly said...

Aubrey rolls to her stomach all the time during the night. It freaked me out at first.... but she's fine. I have no comment about the bummers in the crib... *hanging my head* we haven't gotten that far with the whole "transition to the crib" thing. We don't have breathable bumpers... but now I'm seriously thinking about investing in the video montior. That might save my sanity and there won't be a path worn from my room to her crib.

Anonymous said...
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