Sunday, October 05, 2008

Master Moocher

I found a new hobby.
A while ago, my friend Angella sent me a website for a book exchange. I glanced at it - thought it was cool, and saved it in my favorites folder for when I have a spare moment. Well, seems I rarely have a spare moment these days...but now that the boy is rolling over (pictures of that will be following this post), I fear that he's not too far away from crawling, which is when life as I know it, will be O-V-E-R.
I've been mulling over in my head what I will do when that happens, and I've decided the best thing to do would be to put up a baby gate in our office, clear out the bottom three shelves of our bookcases, and cram them full of toys and stuff so he can be in here with me and feel free to destruct away without me worrying.
This idea means that I need to make ROOM on my shelves for that to happen, and since I had two boxes of books set aside (not counting what's still on the shelves) that I needed to get rid of, I decided to get on that and finally check out the book exchange.
For any of you that have books lying around and you don't know what to do with them, but you spent money on them, so you don't exactly want to just give them to goodwill....go to THIS WEBSITE PRONTO:

Basically, you put up a list of your "inventory" books. You get 1/10th of a point just for putting books on your inventory list. Then you will recieve emails from anyone who may want that book and you can either accept or deny based on how much you are willing to pay for shipping. You get one point for each book someone mooches off of you....and each book is worth one point - unless it's out of the country. The nice part is that you can also add books to a "wishlist"...and I have a THREE PAGE wishlist saved on my computer...I get emails everytime someone adds a book I want, so I can go mooch off of them. It's fantastic because I am getting rid of books I don't want anymore, and basically trading them in for books that I want.
So far, it's fabulous and I now have a stack of books waiting to be read, and another stack of books ready to be shipped tomorrow. This isn't really helping with my clearing out of the shelves...but oh well :)
I've gotten about 10 books already...shipped out alot more than that...and I have 30 points sitting in my account ready to be used whenever I find more books that I want. LOVE - IT.

Moving on....

Yes, the boy is rolling over now - here is what I was able to capture for your viewing pleasure:

Ready? Are you watching?

Here I go!
Allllll the way over now!
Did I do it????
If only this head wasn't so heavy...
He sleeps...
Well, for about 10 minutes anyway...

**Boot camp starts tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn, so if I can tear my sore muscles away from my reclining sofa...I will post and let you all know just exactly how much it sucked :)**


April said...

He is soooooooooooo cute! I love the action shots of the roll over. Good for you for getting up and heading out to boot camp. The getting up part will suck but I bet you will feel awesome when you're done. Thanks for the tip about the book exchange. I will check it out.

*aron* said...

LOOOOVE the pics :)

awesome book site too!