Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tricep Torture...

Before I tell you about today's butt whipping session...I have brag about my hubs for a sec.
See, last night was rough - my little man is still running a low grade fever (gonna call his doc once their office opens) and had a terrible night last night full of tossing and turning and crying and EH-EH-EH....either his teeth are really bothering him, so much that even tylenol won't help...or something else is going on - I suspect ear infection since he's had one already....all of which means I'm on very little sleep. I finally got him good and asleep and in his bed without fussing at 4:30am - so there was absolutely no point in trying to get any shut-eye by then since my alarm was going to go off at 5am.
I wearily got dressed and was tempted to not go and stay home with the boy - but I decided to suck it up and just kept my cell phone on me in case hubs felt I should come home.
I was soooooo not motivated this morning, but I out of the car...opened up the trunk to get my weights and mat, and saw a big note from hubster saying :

Be Brave - You Can Do It - I Love You!

That just put the biggest smile on my face, and gave me the push I needed to get through this morning. I Heart Hubs!
Okay, so the first thing he made us do after we stretched and class time began, was go outside and run five laps around the parking, I have to say I'm rather proud because even though I despite the running - I completed ALL five laps without stopping or walking...that my friends, is a huge accomplishment for me. I was the last one of course, but I didn't care - I'm only in competition with myself, and as long as I finish and can say that I ran the whole way, I feel pretty good about that.
Then it was back inside for some tricep torture. After all of yesterdays arm workouts, my arms were so sore last night, I could hardly bring my fork to my mouth - how's THAT for irony? I couldn't pick up Adam without wincing, and I knew this morning it was gonna huuuuurt. Well, he continued on with the arm workouts, only today he focused on the triceps which is where most of the pain is - all of us newbies were cringing during this workout because it was tough - especially with already sore muscles.
And in between each set, we have to drop and do crunches...and then he added in obliques - which meant leaning back far enough to get your feet off the ground and holding a weight above your belly and moving side to side. I had a helluva time keeping my feet off the ground and he walked over and was about to give me crap when I looked at him and said "don't even, you're working with a c-section belly over here, I'm doing the best I can"
That deterred the yelling - and he let me cheat a bit by resting my feet on a weight - wooo!
They SLICED through my muscles, that should give me some leeway, shouldn't it?
Anyway - after all the horrible arm stuff, he told us to get outside and bring 10 pound weights (I've been using 5 pounds for the weight training stuff) with us. So we all get our 10 pounds and he makes us line up....the dreaded cones were out again...and then he makes us take 2 laps around the parking lot to warm up. After that, we had to power walk holding our weights (20 pounds!) to the cones and back...for 1 minute, and then we'd put our weights down and sprint to the cones back and forth for 1 minute. Over and over and over and over...and each time I picked up those weights I kept telling myself you're just holding the baby - you're just holding the baby. It sucked.
After about a half hour of that - we had to run one lap WITH our weights, and three laps without...
It was tough. And when I got home, and the boy was still asleep - I decided to take the opportunity for a shower, but it took me a good 5 minutes to get the sports bra off (wearing two really helps by the way)...and then I realized that I couldn't get my arm high enough to reach the shampoo. My arms hurt THAT bad. It took me three tries to get that bottle knocked over...ha!
Two days of week one left...I can make it! I think
Allright, I'm off to call the doctor - my little man doesn't want to eat anything and he just LOOKS like he doesn't feel good, fever came back too...wish us luck!


Alison said...

YAY you for doing all 5 laps, woooooot!!

I cringed just driving by the cones this morning.

Good job - and awwwwwww love Hubs, good job Hubs!

*aron* said...

ohhhhh hubs is soooo freaking cute!!

another awesome job! you are doing so amazing!

hope lil adam is feeling better :(

N.D. said...

That is SOOO sweet. Hope the little guy is feeling better!

Kelly said...

Wowie! You're already able to do it without stopping! Go girl!

Sorry your little man isn't feeling well. Hope you got it figured out. I just love his big, bright eyes!