Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roger That...

Some of you already know that I work mostly from home...I go into the office about twice a week - but otherwise I'm here in my home office trying to juggle motherhood and work...which includes answering my work phones from 8am-5pm.
Hubs has noticed that at times it's difficult for me to be on the phone if my hands are full or I'm feeding or bouncing or whatever - so he decided to go on a hunt for a good headset. He came home one day and produced a phone that I can clip to myself as well as a handy dandy headset that will help me be HANDS FREE - wooo!
The thing is a lifesaver, but I was having a hard time keeping the phone clipped to my pants, if I didn't have the right pockets, it kept flipping off everytime I sat down...and I realized I needed an actual BELT. Well, I haven't worn a belt since like, the EIGHTIES - as I don't really want to draw attention to that general area, know what I mean? So I went on a search for one of hubs belts. He wears one for work, so I knew he had to have an extra one lying around somewhere. But after looking everywhere, I couldn't find one...but then I stumbled upon something coiled up and crammed in our shoe rack. I was in luck! It was a belt. was one of the most hillbilly looking belts ever. I think it was a gift from someone because it has hub's name stamped in the back, and it's black and turquoise and gold with eagles all over the side, and a giant silver belt buckle with an EAGLE HEAD on it. I've never seen him wear it, but I burst out laughing at the thought.
I shrugged and figured "oh well, as long as it works - nobody will actually see me"
and strapped that sucker on, clipped on my phone, and I was happy.
Until I looked in the mirror.
Let's just the say I expected the fashion police to come screaming to my door at any second.
I happened to have a phone call from hubs sister that day, so I explained to her what I was wearing and why and she laughed her butt off and insisted that I take a picture and send it to her. I really don't think she believed me...but now I have proof.

Behold - my fashion faux pas!
Sexy no?
Methinks there is some much needed belt-shopping in my future.
"this is soaring eagle, over and out"

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