Monday, October 06, 2008

I survived Day 1...but just barely my mantra for today is "Holy Sweet Mother, what the HELL have I gotten myself into?!?!?!?!?!"
I was saying that this morning after the class, and I thought it would dissipate as the day wore on, you wasn't THAT can do this! but NOPE - it's right there, forefront in my mind.
So here's the scoop on everything since last night:

-10:30pm...I decide I should probably head for bed, but then I remember that Adam fell asleep alot earlier than usual, so I fed him a bottle figuring that would deter any early morning wake-ups he may have had in store for me.

-11pm...he's fast asleep, so I put him in his bed, and he starts fussing and grunting and waking himself up...

-11:30pm...he's awake...

-sometime around midnight...FINALLY, he's asleep and I'm right behind him

-2:00am...he suddenly screams himself awake, and I notice he feels really hot - so I take his temp and it's around 100 degrees. I give him tylenol, and notice he's really rubbing the sides of his face alot and complaining and obviously uncomfortable...which made me concerned about another ear infection. I changed him and tried to feed him - wasn't interested - so I just snuggled with him until the tylenol kicked in and he seemed to relax a bit.

-3:00am...he's still awake and finally wants a bottle, so I feed him, and keep checking his temp which is going down nicely. I sit in bed and worry about whether or not it's an ear infection, or just teething...damn it's so hard to distinguish the two because the symptoms are so similiar.

-3:45am...he finally falls asleep, laid out on a cool pillow next to me - and seems really peacefull...his temp is normal now, but I'm still worried.

-4:00am...I doze off

-5:00am - BEEP - BEEP - BEEP....time to get up for BOOTCAMP!


I wake up hubs and convince him to take my place next to the boy (he still feels fine temp wise)...hubs rolls over and goes "don't die"...HA!
I blindly stumble into the bathroom, throw on my clothes and head out the door. We are supposed to arrive 15 minutes early for our "evaluation".
Come to find out - our "evaluation" means stepping on a scale/body fat calculator while a 32 year old MALE trainer writes everything down, and the proceeds to MEASURE EVERY INCH OF MY FLABBY BODY.


Luckily, since I'm on 3 hours of sleep, I probably wouldn't have cared if Brad Pitt himself was doing the weighing and measuring...I just wanted to go back to bed.
So class starts with everyone having to stand up at their yoga mat and introduce themselves and what they do for a living and their age and why they are there...I hate that kind of thing, so that thrilled me of course.
And then we proceed into a 7-minute long stretching exercise...easy stuff - which actually for a moment had me thinking "oh, well this isn't so bad"
until he walked over, cranked on some music and said "OKAY LADIES - DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY PUSH-UPS...NOW!"
and I thought...crap - push ups? I don't DO those! EVER!
but he was yelling, so I dropped and did my best impression of 20 push ups, and he would walk around the room and go "ALL THE WAY DOWN!"
and then when those were finally done, we had to roll over and do crunches - and then more push ups and then more crunches (which he kept adding to by the way...and yelling) - and I think we did five sets of 20 push ups and a crapload of crunches in between. It hurt, and I've decided that I hate push ups with every fiber of my being.
So after that he goes "allright - lets gather up your stuff and head outside"
So he puts out a bunch of cones around the parking lot and makes the other returning bootcampers start running laps - and he takes all us bootcamp virgins (four of us) and walks us across the street and tells us we're gonna run the mile and get timed at it.
and I thought...crap - I have to RUN? I don't do that! EVER!
He told us which route to take and he would be waiting with his stopwatch at the finish - so off we went. Honestly? It's a big blur of me gasping for air and trying to run as much as I could, but mostly walking super fast. I was LAST out of all four newbies - but I figured I would be...since you know, I don't RUN. ANYWHERE.
I did catch up with one other girl though, and we finished final time on the mile was 13 minutes / 36 seconds.
I have absolutely no idea if that's good or really bad - but I'm just glad it's over. Until tomorrow that is.

My whole body hurts - even my LUNGS hurt. And I'm in need of SLEEP.
I'm praying to GOD that he doesn't make us do any push ups tomorrow because I will probably end up curled in a ball on my mat sobbing.

Good TIMES! Can someone please remind me why I signed up for this brutality?

Onward to day 2....


*aron* said...

ohhhh wow!

well first - AWESOME job for getting up and GOING after no sleep. seriously i would have been tempted to just hit the snooze and say maybe tomorrow :) i guess that is one awesome part of this class is that there are people there so you kind of have an accountability factor.

AWESOME job though... it WILL get easier and it will feel awesome. seeing results, seeing progress, there is nothing like it :) if it were easy it wouldn't be called bootcamp right ;) keep it up... starting is the hardest part.

Alison said...

Good job!!

I'm glad you survived - go you!!

Next time you have to run the mile, tell me what corner to meet you at and wont he be impressed with yoru new SPEEDY FAST time... thanks to Alison's Mile Avoiding Taxi Express.

I'm proud for you!!

Kelly said...

Holy crap! NICE JOB MOMMA! I honestly don't know how you did it! I hope you keep it up. Think about those super skinny jeans that will look good when you lose bunches of weight. That's why you're doing it. =) Right?!?

You're so brave!

April said...

OMG I laughed through this whole post. I am laughing with you of course, not at you :-) I seriously would have skipped today after a night like yours. Good for you for getting out of bed! I hope you took some "before" photos. Have hubs take them of you in your panties too. That way when you're all ripped you can look back and laugh :-)

Mekelle said...

You write very well.