Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 2

Well...it's funny to me now that I thought running the mile sucked yesterday, because I'd much rather do that, then experience today's workout. Day 2 was HARD. This is all so much harder than I thought it was gonna be.

Seriously you guys, I'm just not sure I'm cut out for this class...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to give up (at $10 a class paid in advance, I'm too cheap to give up) - but I just feel like everyone else is waaaaay ahead of me fitness-wise, and I'm just struggling.
I guess that should be even more of a reason to stay huh? I'll try and remind myself of that when I'm huffing and puffing and trying not to cry while running laps tomorrow.
We're supposed to arrive a bit early to get in some stretching because that's not part of the class...we do that on our own time - well I only got a few minutes of stretching in because Adam woke up right as I was leaving and I had to stick him in bed with hubs and leave. Plus, he woke up again at 2:30, needing changing and a bottle (why oh why did he stop sleeping through the night NOW???) so I was dragging once again.
The first part of class was with a partner...thank GOD my friend Kelli is doing this with me because I hate partnering with people I don't know - and we used resistance bands. We did 20 reps of arm stuff and then had to lock ankles and do 20 sit ups while clapping hands with our partner. Crunches, I can do...Sit Ups are a different story - but I must say..that first set of 20 sit ups, we kicked BUTT - slapped hands and had no problem keeping up. Then it was back to the bands, and on the second set of sit ups, we both tried to get up and it wasn't happening...hahahaha - we started laughing because it was like our stomach muscles just gave out or something. I mean, they were sore from all of yesterday's crunches, but after that first set and doing so well - it was WIERD to not be able to get ourselves up. The drill sergeant guy came over and stood over us and let us use his hands as leverage...said it's just because we're not used to it (plus, throw in the pregnancies we went through and it's even worse...hahaha) - so that was a bit embarrassing that we had to have his help for that part, but oh well...he got us up and made us resist on the way back down. We did that quite a few times, and let's just say - my stomach is so sore, it hurts to take a breath in. This class is making me feel more out of shape than I thought I was...haa!
Then we went onto weight training arm stuff...and my shoulders are killing me - but it's a good kind of hurt, like I really accomplished something. I want some GUNS, ya know?

And then it was back outside for more running - an entire half hour of running....sweet mother am I sick of the running. I'm thinking of doubling up on the sports bra too because the ladies don't like the running. Come to think of it, there is not one single part of my body that enjoys the running, at least not yet. My marathon running friend Aron makes it sound so great and she's so motivating, but damn...I think I was born without that running gene or something. Hopefully it'll get easier as time goes on, but I'm so sore right now that I'm reallllllly dreading tomorrow.

He set up a bunch of cones and we had to run and touch the bottom of each cone and then move onto the next one in a zig-zag formation, and then when we got to the last cone, we had to run a lap around the parking lot. It's a big parking lot with a HILL...and of course anytime he'd catch anyone walking (usually me, since everyone else just seemed to zip on past me barely breathing hard, while I'm gasping for air like I smoke 3 packs a day) he would yell. I hate the yelling, so I would jog - but it was so hard. The cone/lap thing went on for about 20 minutes, I couldn't even tell you how many laps we did, but it was crazy. So then we finally finish, and we are all getting water and he goes "okay ladies, gather around" and then he goes "okay...to finish up today....4 MORE LAPS, COME ON LADIES - LET'S GO! NO WALKING!"

damn it...

Today, I am so sore, it actually hurt to snap adam's onsie after changing a diaper. Why do I get the feeling that tomorrow is going to be worse?

moving on...anyone up for squishy baby pics?

If you look close, you might be able to see his two bottom teeth (yes, TWO!)

My big boy in his high chair...

Not so much diggin the rice cereal...


*aron* said...

i love adam :)

you are awesome! day 2 is not easy i am sure, since you are so sore from day 1! keep it up - it will get easier! and so will running... it was definitely NOT easy for me at the start :) still isnt.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Ugh, I totally feel you on the "Aron loves running and I can't stand it so it must be a genetic disorder" thing. :)

I'm impressed! You are better woman than I! Keep it up! You'll be smoking hot in no time!

Kelly said...

Damn... I am SO not jealous right now. Just reading your post made me tired. You poor thing. But, good for you! Don't quit... you can do it! (better you than me... I would have run right home crying) Day 3 is going to suck just as much, I'm sure. But at some point your body will just accept this new change. =) I hope.