Saturday, November 06, 2010

1-2-3 GO!

Last Tuesday we went to our local Grace church to watch a pinewood derby race.  My neices are involved with Awana's and this was something fun for all the kids to do.
We arrived a bit late, but when we got there, my oldest neice Keeley dragged Adam off to sit with all the kids and watch the cars go down the ramp.

It was all very official with a computerized finish line and everything - very cool

Keeley won first place for best design - a chocolate bar, that looked so incredibly real
and Abby's car was a piece of bacon - she LOVES bacon, so this was hilarious
(sorry about the picture quality, it came out too dark so I had to adjust it a bit)
                                        Sleepy kid who is up past his bedtime...and in dire need of a haircut
I have a soft spot for these pinewood derby races because when my brother and I were little, we did this too.  We belonged to a church group called the Caravans, and I had a pink car named "flower power" who was super fast and won first place in speed.  My brother won first place for design which was a firetruck (totally awesome with a ladder and everything).   Ironically, my mom just recently brought over a big bag of stuff I had stored at their house and in it, was my car, missing two wheels, and my trophy!  It's dated 1984 which means I was 7 years old.  Crazyness.

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k said...

I am LOVING the bacon car. And Flower Power. Snazzy!