Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So lucky

My friend Alison and I have been walking together a couple of times a week.  She has a puppy to wear Baker, who is adorable - looks just like Georgia - and is absolutely as sweet as pie:
and of course I always like to wear out Georgia as well, so it's a chance for us to chat and get in some exercise. We've walked in different places each time, which has been interesting...kind of an adventure actually, trying to find new trails and places that are dog and stroller friendly.
Today we walked the Bluffs in Shell Beach and it was so gorgeous I couldn't stop taking pictures of the sunset.  Both Alison and I remarked on how lucky we are to live in such a place where we can walk and take in these beautiful views.  I think we both try hard not to take it for granted...and since we both have lived in this area our entire lives, I think that says alot about how much we love it here.  Despite how freaking expensive it is...ha!
This was today's sunset:

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Joanna said...

What fun! I'm catching up on my blogs this morning, so I didn't get to see the totally awesome indorr camping. I laughed about the fire place, I've done that twice, scared the bejeebus out of me both times. It looks like you all had a great indoor adventure. I should try it with my girls (since they probably won't get much closer to the real camping).