Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Aquarium fun

After the airshow, we headed over to Monterey where we met up with our friends Jill and Chris and their son Devin.  They live up north about 5 hours away, so we don't get to see them very often - but they are very good friends and we always wish they lived closer. 
We all went to Bubba Gumps for dinner (delish!) and stayed at a hotel that night.  The next morning we hit the aquarium.  We've been dying to take Adam there beacuse he is going through a mild Shark obsession and loves all things fish related.  We were glad Jill and Chris could come too because the boys have alot of fun together and are good buddies. 
(Devin is 9 months older then Adam, but dude - check out the size difference! - course he has two tall parents and Adam has two short parents, so there ya go)

Adam was in awe from the very beginning...eyes wide open taking it all in - running everywhere
They have this big circular room where the fish are swimming all around the whole thing and it's so cool - he loved that room!
The Jellyfish room is my favorite.  I want to sleep overnight in here it's so peaceful
It was a gray and rainy day out there, but still - that bay is so pretty
Adam would NOT leave these globes alone - we had to drag him away

I love this cool industrial walkway they have that goes from one side of the aquarium to the other. 
It's funny, I've been to this aquarium a few times before - but this being my first time with my kid - I saw it from completely new eyes and it seemed SO COOL.

                                     "Look Mama!"
You guys, this kid could not have been more excited to see a real live shark.  It was so hilarious and fun to watch - he just never got tired of watching them and shouting SHAAARRRRRRRRRK!  every single time

Here is a short video of him shouting SHARK!  hahaha

The boys loved this wave simulator they had there - it was a tunnel that you could stand under and the water would come crashing overhead onto a glass window, the boys LOVED it - and both would do countdowns and then shout "WHOA!" when the water washed over. 
Then you can go outside and watch it from that point of view as well

 They have alot of really neat kid areas too - all places I skipped the times I've gone before!

Side story:   In the turtle exhibit there is a little cubbyhole that kids can crawl into and see the sea turtles up close.  Well, I crawled into the hole - then Adam crawled into the hole - and then HUBS crawled into the hole and totally let one rip and of course since he was sitting in the entrance, we were trapped and I'm covering my mouth shouting "EW" and adam's going "TOOTER!  STINKY!"  and hubs is laughing like a 10 year old boy.  He finally lets us out and we crawl out of the cubbyhole only to find Jill and Devin walking up and I'm all "hey Jill, check out that cubbyhole" and they crawl into the stench.  Apparantly I am a 10 years old too. 

Anyway, it was a super fun day - Adam had a blast and we'll definately be going back!


k said...

I've decided that farts really don't ever stop being funny.

Anonymous said...

Here here I totally agree. And since I wasn't the first to pass gass in our marriage ifelt it was justified hehe