Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Short legs, long distance

My friend Alison and I went on a walk today with our dogs and the boy...we decided on the Bob Jones trail which is long and scenic and well paved.  At the beginning of our walk, her dog Baker stopped for a "break" and while I was on the phone with work, adam squirmed and slithered his way out of the stroller, and did NOT want to get back in.  So we let him walk.  He actually had to kind of RUN to keep up with us, and
unbelievably he went all the way to where the trail meets up with the road - he then continued on the way back with us until we went back under the bridge where he finally wanted juice and crackers and allowed me to put him in the stroller and bundle him up. 
I just clocked the distance on Gmaps and holy crap, he went 1.84 miles!  On two tiny little legs, running, running, running.  I was amazed - and bummed that I couldn't figure out how to post a picture of the map...seriously, it was a long way.
I was so worried he'd be cold...I kept asking if he wanted a jacket and he'd go "NOOOOOOOO!"  and then I'd ask about a hat and he'd shriek "NO HAT!" 
hahahaha, I don't know why I was so worried - with all that running, no way could he have been too cold. 
I thought he would fall asleep in the car, or pass out at home...but nope - he hung in there till the very end at 8:30 when we put him in bed.  Amazing.  I wish I had that kind of bottomless energy.
I seriously love this kid - he constantly makes me laugh and smile all throughout my day - he's totally my buddy.  I'm glad we can all take the day off and relax as a family tomorrow...

There are lots of smooches to steal and tickles to find!

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