Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can I just say...

That having a kid with a sensitive gag reflex really sucks sometimes???

Today for the FOURTH time, he threw up in the grocery store.  Right after I had left the checkout line.  Which means, yeah...I was walking where EVERYONE could see me - and oh yeah, two days before Thankgiving?  Everybody and their monkey's uncle was there.

The first time it happened, I was in Vons in the veggie section which was very convenient because I just grabbed a plastic bag, let him do his thing...cleaned him up with baby wipes...tossed it in the garbage can and we were on our way...

The second time this happened, we were in Trader Joes...he started gagging in the frozen food section and I hightailed it over to the coffee section because I spied with my little eye, a TRASH CAN.   Really long and gross  story short, I ended up begging paper towels off the food sample guy in the corner....stripped AJ down nekkid because it was all over his clothes...and left my cart with the sample guy to go try and fix things and get a change of clothes from the car.
Wasn't too bad because hey, at least I had a trash can and paper towels...and a whole crapload of baby wipes.

Third time, again in Vons...in the deli section - he start gagging and I conveniently grab a plastic container from the mushroom bins...unfortunately I was too late, and it went all over the floor...and himself.  Luckily, I once again had baby wipes and a trash can close by.  Stripped him down...did self checkout - all was saved.

Today, as we were walking out of Vons past all the checkers, he literally grabbed the zippered part of his sweatshirt to his face and hurled right inside his shirt.  Which, thank GOD because if not, it would have been all over the floor in front of all those people....
I grabbed a handfull of wipes from my bag and held his sweatshirt closed at the bottom and high tailed it to the door - only today there were a bunch of disabled people for the salvation army piled by the door and this little girl was being so sweet and putting money in the bucket...except she was taking forever and there was a pile up of about 6 people with carts waiting to get by....and here's me..."EXCUSE ME, BUT MY KID JUST THREW UP CAN WE GET BY PLEASE????"
ummm, yeah...not very subtle - but dude, I was holding puke in my HAND...not so fun.  And AJ was screaming and it was just mortifying.
Passed all the eyeballs and ran to the car....dumped out my groceries and used the plastic bags to help with damage control.  Stripped the kid nekkid in the parking lot only to realize I didn't have a change of clothes with me and oh yeah, it was flippin FREEZING outside.   He's crying and chattering "mama...cold" - so I clean him up as best I can and toss him into the car and crank on the heater. 
I got everything cleaned up and seriously felt like crying because I never thought I'd be so USED to cleaning up after this problem.  And at the grocery store no less.
I even carry around puke bags from that time hubs stayed at the hospital in my diaper bag.  Only every time I've needed it, I never have time to grab it out of the bag before he spews.
I'm thinking I should just take it out and put it right on the seat next to him - ha.

I joke about it - but honestly, hubs and I are like a Nascar team when it comes to this puking business.  We are Adam's pit crew. 


k said...

Oh, little buddy. Horking everywhere and getting stripped down.

Does he do the cough/gag/throw up thing? Or does he see something that turns his stomach and then he horks?

Serenity Now said...

Definately cough, gag, puke...it's like when something gets caught in his throat - or when he burps wierd - it's just a reflex that kicks in. If he cries super hard, we better have that bucket ready because crying leads to coughing and coughing leads to puking.
Oddly - hubs does the same thing, like if he coughs wierd or eats too much, he'll totally hurl. I on the other hand will do ANYTHING not to throw up. I blame hubs for this one!