Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today is a momentous day for our little town.  Today...we got an In and Out Burger. 

Oh the deliciousness!
I love this place.  I remember as a kid, whenever we had to travel down to the LA area, we would stop at the In and Out in Pasadena.  Fond memories of eating drippingly good cheeseburgers in the back of our 68 Camaro.  Sigh.
  Hubs and I usually stop at one on our way to or from San Francisco as well.  This might be the very reason I can't fit into those jeans I want to....
But if I'm going to eat fast food, I'd much rather it be from here - it seems more like REAL food then those squished and filled with god-knows-what other burgers from other places

Anyhow, I drove past it today around 2pm thinking the line would be outrageous - but it actually wasn't bad at all.  There were maybe 15 cars in line - which really is pretty normal for any In and Out it seems. 
Although I have heard from other people that earlier in the day there was a line of about a hundred.
I didn't go of course because I thought that needed to be something I do with hubs. 

But still, I'm happy just knowing it's there.

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