Friday, November 05, 2010

Fall Foodie

I love fall.  I love the cooler weather.  I love the feeling in the air.  I love the big oversized sweatshirts I get to wear.  I love comfort food.  I love a good soup with a crusty bread.  Problem is, I love all those yummy creamy soups with a zillion calories.
My mom used to make this Butternut Squash soup, and I love it - so I wanted to share!  I don't have an actual recipe or amounts...or's kinda hard to mess up to be honest.

First, cut some butternut squash in half and bake until fork tender

While squash is baking, slice up some leeks and saute them in either a little bit of butter or a bit of chicken stock or both ( I use both)

When squash is done, scrape out seeds and toss.  Scrape out chunks of squash and add to leeks along with more chicken stock

Let simmer on the stove for a while
I used to have to transfer this to a stand up blender which was a pain (and messy!), but now I have an immersion stick blender which I LOVE and makes this task much easier.  (picture taken before fancy stick blender).  Soup should be pretty thick at this point.
Put back on the stove and depending on desired consistancy...add more stock...also throw in some seasonings like salt, onion powder, garlic...all the stuff you like.  Make it till it tastes the way you want!

Serve with a dollop of sour cream and some chives (crumbled bacon is delicious too!)

I usually make a huge pot of this and either simmer it all day in the crockpot, or I'll bag some up and freeze it for later. Hubs isn't much of a soup guy, so I'm the only eater of this one in our house :)



k said...

Oh my LANDS that looks delightful. So, so yummy.

alison said...

the chunk of bread and the green salad are cracking me up.