Monday, November 08, 2010

Attempt 1 - Fail 1

I see alot of other bloggers out there who cook with their kids.  I think I always thought I'd be the kind of mom who did that, but I don't.  Maybe it's because I have the kind of kid who would rather throw all the magnets from the fridge into the kitchen sink, so I have to dig them out of the garbage disposal - but either way, I've never attempted to have Adam help me in the kitchen.
Also, I don't BAKE much.  I cook dinners and that's about it.  and maybe breakfast on the weekends. 
At any rate - this evening, I decided "let's make cookies!"   FUN!
So first we washed our hands, because God only knows how many nosepickings have occured in the last hour...

Then I pulled out our kitchen stool thinking "he's gonna totally dig sitting on this!"  only...not so much...
(top pic taken with no flash - bottom pic taken with flash - apparantly the lighting in my kitchen SUUUCKS)
He pitched a fit and ended up smacking his head on the tile counter. Awesome.
It is at this point that I am thankful hubs bought this cookie mix, because no way am I doing from scratch when a toddler is involved. 

I let him pour the mix into the bowl, which goes pretty well...
I crack an egg into a bowl to let him add to the mix -
It didn't make it......
At this point hubs came home and AJ decided he wanted daddy and he was no longer interested in making cookies, so I cleaned up the egg and put in the rest of the ingredients.
We brought him back in for the grand "flipping of the switch" which he was fascinated with..

For about 2.4 seconds and then he wanted "DOWN MAMA!"
It was at this point I realized it was after 6:30pm and I was so focused on the cookie project, I forgot about dinner.  So I quickly covered the dough up with plastic wrap and stuck it in the fridge. 

Then I opened every cupboard in our kitchen searching for a quick meal, and then picked up the phone and ordered pizza.  HA!
Hubs drove the few blocks to pick up the pizza and in the meantime, AJ looked at me and goes "cookies done?"
ummmmm, NOPE!  LOL
Maybe tomorrow kid...maybe tomorrow


2boymommy said...

No, you've got it right! Cook and bake by yourself!! Now my kids won't leave me alone when I do... ha ha
I love this post!

April said...

Next time do cut out cookies. You can buy the sugar cookie mix in the same brand as the PB cookies. Make the mix, roll the dough, dig out some cookie cutters and let him cookie cut away, and presto...a fun baking activity :-)

Arrmand said...

That just so funny, my sister loved to watch me bake but when I said she could help, the kitchen looked more like a bomb hit it never again I told my self! that was until my wife decided she like to bake as well.

Lovely blog must keep an eye on it.

k said...


I often have visions of grandeur in which I think, "I really should do (x) with Ezra. Make the most of his childhood; expose him to new things."

And then it all goes down in a fiery crash. are not alone.

Joanna said...

I'm with the beginning let them do just the 'play/fun' part.

Try again with some sugar cookies or gingerbread (they had the same exact one for gingerbread, they're literally the best I've ever tasted). Once you put a few candies and frosting out he'll be INTO it :)